Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Boring Post

Hi all. Not much new to report so far this week.

I was watching a show about barbeque on the Travel channel tonite and some woman said that barbeque is so good it "makes you want to slap your momma". WTF?!?! I do not think of slapping someone as being a good thing. Now spanking, another story.

The Milwaukee police still have not located those two little boys. The last couple of days they have been searching water areas. River, ponds, etc. Taking two 12 years old boys cannot be an easy feat. Either something happened to one, fell into the river, and the other one tried to save him and they both drowned or someone they both knew did something to them. I hope that is is the first scenario and not the second.

Another interesting story going on it town in the Frank Jude trial. A guy who went to a party and was allegedly beat up by some cops. The thing I find the most interesting is that he was a stripper. If he was stripping at my event, I would ask for my money back. He is not that nice looking, in my opinion. You can see picture for yourself from the link.

Now, the moment evryone has been waiting for....


Would you rather....

Have the brakes go out on your car on a hilltop


have to go into a bike bar and yell "you guys are a bunch of pussies"?

Hmmm, this is hard but I will go for the yelling in the bar. I could always use the innocent blonde strategy.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What a Nite

Hubby and I went to the Queen + Paul Rodgers show last nite. It was really fun. Before the concert we got to go backstage and meet the band. That was fun. There were 4 other groups of people wo got to be backstage and they moved the band group group to group. So you got to spend about 5 minutes with each person and then the next person moved in. Kinda like an assembly line. I had them sign a program and our tickets. I will get them framed. For a review of the show click here.

Brian May, guitar, has not quite moved out from the 80's yet. Yes, he had on white parachute pants. There were some white curliques on the bottom of the leg. I was a bit amazed that someone could even find those in a store somewhere. Unless he had kept them for the last 25 years.

Next was Roger Taylor, drums. He was a really nice guy. Very chatty. He was talkng about how sore his hands were. The way he played, I can understand why they would be sore. Kinda looked grandfatherly with the white hair. He was dressed in black to start and changed clothes to an all white outfit later on.

Last to come out was paul Rodgers. I was amazed how short he was. Tiny little guy. And did he ever have the pipes. He was in awesome shape. I am not sure how old he is, has to be close to 55 -60. He released his first album before I was born, so it was a while ago. He went thru about 6-7 changes of clothes.

The higlight of the nite for me was when they played Bohemian Rhapsody. It was basically a video montage of Freddy Mercury singing the song. At the very end of the song Paul Rodgers came out and finished the song. They also payed a few Bad Company/Free tunes. You can really tell that these guys were used to playing to large crowds (stadiums in the 70's-80's) as their stage presence showed grand and somewhat over the top gestures. Paul had some goofy thing going on with the mic stand.

One of the more bizarre moments of the nite, was before the meet-n-greet. We are waiting to go back and the guy who won the "Queen for a Day" contest from a local radio station was a total ASS. He won 2 tickets to a suite to watch the show, autographed guitar, limo to and from the show, dinner and cash, so it was a nice package. First off, he went on the air to pick up some strange woman for a date to the show. She was B-U-T-T U-G-L-Y. Yikes! So the guy is trying to get rid of her. He doesn't like her (she also hates him). He was a drunk, high, (you could see fresh track marks on his arms) foul mouthed idiot. He was swearing up a storm and when someone pointed out that there were some kids in our area, he then became all apologetic. The poor woman from the venue could not wait to get rid of him. I took a picture of the idiot but I don't want to scare any little kids who may read this. As we are meeting with the band, he is trying to score more free stuff off of them. OMG. Hubby and I sat with another couple on the other side of the room as far away as we could get from him. We ran into him after the show and he was so bombed, he barely had any idea where he was.

No Zobmondo today. This post is long enough. Talk you ya'll soon!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Another Busy Weekend

Welcome, all my wonderful blogger friends!

It has been a busy weekend. I have been a lazy blob for most of today.

On Friday, I get a phone call at work from a local radio station. Earlier in the week, I had gone out to their website and signed both hubby and I up to win tickets for the Queen + Paul Rodgers concert. Well, it turns out that it was hubby's lucky day. He (I) won really great seats and backstage passes to meet the band. The day before, a guy that hubby works with was selling some tickets to the concert and we passed cuz they were a bit on the pricey side. Now we get to go. It should be a fun time. Look for pictures later in the week.

On Saturday, hubby and I played in the monthly poker tourney at Big Momma's. Hubby finished 1st and netted a nice 275 bucks. I was out early. Got rivered. Overall I was happy with my play. I had one really great play that I was proud of. I was dealt pocket Js. I raised double the big blind. Another guy called. Flop come JJ8. The guy raises. I reluctantly call. Turn comes rag. Guy raises again. I pretend to think about it and call. River comes another rag. Guy raises. I only have about 250 more chip left so I go all in. He calls to go all in as well.. He flips his cards over (he has 88) and says I hope you don't have a Jack. I say no, I have two of them. I took the guy out. He was totally baffled. He had no idea what I had because I was slow-playing him. I have never had four of a kind before and it was helpful that he was in position to bet first. After I was out, I played a few side games after and I finished 2nd three times. Hubby finished first in another side game. Overall it was a profitable weekend for us.

Earlier this week, while at work, I was in the bathroom. When I finished, I went to the sink to wash may hands. Another girl comes out of her stall and is crumpling up the paper toilet seat protector thingy. WTF!?!? I just watched her crumple it up and toss it into the trash can. I always thought that you were supposed to kinda push it into the toilet and flush it. Am I wrong on that?? It kinda defeats the purpose of having something so you don't touch the seat with your body. Granted she may wash her hands but still.....


Would you rather....

Be trapped in an elevator packed with wet dogs


three fat men with bad breath?

I am going with the wet dogs. My puppys always smell good even when they are wet.

Have a good week everyone!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

JabberJaws, Gettin' Skinny, and Jammin'

The guy that sits on the other side of the cube wall from me must need more work to do. This past summer we had to listen to him make phone calls around the country while he was looking for a Porsche to buy. That lasted about 3 months. Then we had to listen to him search for people to do some work on the car. Now he is building a new house and selling his old house. He literally spends 3-4 hours a day on the phone with contractors, realtors, etc.. I wish I had that much time to screw around at work. Some days I barely have time to pee, let alone make personal phone calls.

I had a good week at Weight Watchers. I am now at my lowest weight. Yeah!! I know that once it gets nice enough outside, the weight will drop a bit more easily. It is hard to get enough exercise indoors and I am too much of a wimp to ride outside in the cold.

A guy I work with gave me a cd of a band that he seen in Jamaica. It is called the Westside Andy/Mel Ford band. They are really good. They are a bluesy, rock band. When I first listened to the cd, my first thought was that it was summer and I was at Summerfest. It is a hot summer night, a few good friends, the beer is going down good and the music is rockin'. Check out their website.

If you are not from the Milwaukee area and like music and beer, you should be here when Summerfest is going on. It is 11 days of music and beer in the sun and on the lakefront. It doesn't matter what kind of music you like, you will find it here. It is also a great place to mullet hunt, Liv!


Would you rather....

Meet you greatest hero and vomit on him/her


in trying to meet him/her, be arrested and publicly accused of stalking?

I am going with vomit. I would rather have the person think I was not feeling well instead of some crazy pyscho chick.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dentyne-isms, Darwin and Stuff

Well, the week is more than half way over. Thank God!!

Another Dentyne-ism #136 - Much worse than tennis elbow is video game butt. This one is funny. They guys I work with got a laugh at this one, since they spend a lot of time playing video games.

Here is a fine example of Darwin's theory at work. What a freakin' idiot. He was only being stopped for a minor offense. I think it was expired plates or something. I was talking to one of our developers who lives in Texas and he said that they got about 7 inches of rain in the last week, so what was a swamp turned into a quagmire.

One of the guys I work with is responsible for our paging system at work. He administers about 6000 pagers. He had some stupid woman call him becausease her pager has not worked for over a week and she was missing some important pages. He worked with the user for about 2 minutes before he asked the most obvious question. Have you checked your battery? Turns out it was dead. She had already called our paging vendor and they had tried resetting her pager and some other troubleshooting. Then she was mad because "where was she supposed to get another battery for her pager?" hmmmmm.... I don't know, how about any store, gas station or hey, how about asking someone in the mailroom. That is where most of the building keep their stash. It was just ones of those days.

Idol was ok tonite. Lisa, Bucky and Kevin were in the bottom three. Kevin went home. He was a cutie. They called him Chicken Little. He really did look the part.


Would you rather....

Work for your sibling


for your best friend?

Not even a hard choice. I have to go with the friend on this one. I can barely stand to be in the same room with my sister, let alone work for her. One of us would be dead and it wouldn't be me...

Monday, March 20, 2006

Welcome Back and Idols

So Dave has once again started posting again. I will put a link on my side nav to his blog next week, if he has not deleted it again. Keep up the good work Dave. If you write it, we will read it.

Tonite was American Idol. The theme was the 50's. Barry Manilow was the coach for the week. He really gave them some good advice. Mandisa, Chris, Katharine, Kellie, Ace were awesome tonite. I think that it will be Lisa or Paris that goes home tomorrow. I normally will watch the show when riding so I can fast forward thru the 10 million commercials. It takes about an hour 15 minutes to watch a 2 hour show. Nothing like a bit of product placement.

Two boys went missing on Sunday. Today is Tuesday and the media is finally making a big deal of it. I remember hearing a blurb about it on the late news on Sunday. They thought the boys may have run away. No Amber Alert has been issued because there is no evidence of foul play. Should be interesting to see what happens with this. I hope that they are ok.

Not much else to say today.


Would you rather....

have to learn sword swallowing


fire eating?

I am going with the fire eating. I have a bad gag reflex.

Another Day, Another Dollar

Well, back to work again today. Monday's just plain suck. I am still waiting for a group of people to sign off on their portion of my software release. It was due to me on 2/6. They are now risking it that we won't be able to have their enhancements coded in time to stay on schedule. They just aren't sure what they want. WHATEVER.. Either sign off or pull the sticking point from this release and put in the in the one for August. Don't hold the rest of my project up! They will then complain that they don't have enough time for testing. Well, you have just wasted two weeks right here. If your boss wasn't such a Bi$&h you wouldn't have this problem. Someday I will go into that saga. Talk about an ego, power trip mess.

Had a good weekend. Played poker on Sat. I sucked. I did not see a hand better than a pair of 5's. That busted me out when I ran into pocket J. At least hubby finished 7th and won a bit of money. Went to Big Momma's for a few afterward and next thing I knew it was 3 am. I think. All I know is that it was almost 11 went we got up on Sunday. Then had to hurry to get to my parents for the birthday dinner. I have to say, I got better gifts this time. A new spare tire for our camper, an inverter also for the camper and gift cards.

After spending a boat load of money at the mall Saturday afternoon, the gift cards will come in handy. If you have Boston Store near you I suggest that you take advantage of their Goodwill sale. For every article of clothing that you donate you get a coupon for 20% off of another item. I use this time to replenish my closet. I think I bought 2 pants, 1 sweater, 2 polos, 5 blouses and a spring jacket. Hubby got a couple of shirts, a jacket, sunglasses (I swear that if he loses them, I will never, ever buy him another good pair again).


Would you rather....

As a male in grade school be known as a "momma's boy"


a "brown-noser"?

I have to go with the momma's boy. They usually grow up to be nice guys. Notice I said usually.

Have a good week folks.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Last nite, my friend, Natalie and I went to an author reading by Jodi Picoult. It was a great time. We got there about 2 hours before and got front row seats. She was really funny and very animated. What a great storyteller. Some of you may remember my book review of My Sister’s Keeper that she wrote a few years ago. I loved that book and she now has a new book out called The Tenth Circle. Without giving too much away, it is about a father who has to come to grips with his 14year old daughter being raped by a classmate. I have not read it yet and will let you know how it is. I will be at the library in the coming weeks checking out more of her books.

Yesterday, it snowed. On Wednesday nite, the weather guys said that we were going to get 4-7 inches of snow. We ended up with about 2. I am not complaining. I am ready for the warm weather to start any day now.

I am listening to my iPod at work now. I have hit a totally rockin’ stretch of music. Perfect “it’s Friday, get me in a good mood for the weekend” music. Here is a sample:
1. Van Halen – Jump
2. Dokken – It’s not Love
3. Kenny Loggins – Footloose
4. Chef from South Park - Chocolate Salty Balls
5. Prince – Little Red Corvette
6. Tesla – Love Song – the live version

Another reason not to eat at Denny’s. You could be killed. I already will never eat there, and this is another reason as to why not. It seems like every time we go there the service SUCKS. It doesn’t matter where we are or what time of day it is. Even different states don’t make a difference. Hubby loves eating there. I refuse to go.

Strippers in Australia can now rejoice. They now get meal breaks, overtime and yes, even maternity leave.

Another Dentyne-ism. #91 – Beware of anyone who overuses the word “paradigm”


Would you rather....

Eat you entire diet cold


eat your entire diet overcooked?

If you ask hubby, he will tell you that everything I cook is overcooked. Not true. I will say cold.

Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I am starting to write my blog throughout the day at work, as I think of something, I can capture it and not have to try and remember it later on. Since my work has half the internet blocked, this is the next best thing.

How ironic is this. Miss Deaf Texas is struck and killed by a train that she didn't hear. Go here for the details.

Last nite, K and I went to a women's nite at the bike store. It was a fun time. They had lots of good advice, new clothes, and other goodies. Had some good sales but nothing was in my size. Hubby would love it if I came home with a new jersey or two. NOT. He can't figure out why I need so many. You need them for specific rides. Like when I did the Zoo fundraiser ride, I wore the jersey that has a toucan on it. The beer ride, what else a beer jersey. Plus they are just cool. Too me anyway. Dave, you asked about the orange tire. It was meant to be ridden indoors on a trainer not on the pavement. You use this type of tire because they are cheaper to replace ($30) vs a regular tire that costs about $75. My bike is pink, so the orange tire is a bit garish looking.

New Dentyne-ism
#101 - Why do all unusual meats taste like chicken? Who cares?? Maybe cuz most meats in the raw form with no gussying up are rather bland. I hope that these start to get better.

We are supposed to get dumped on with snow again. I guess we are getting paid back for the lack of snow all winter. The nice thing is that by early next week, it is supposed to be 40 out again.


Would you rather....
Bang your funny bone five times in a row until it is not funny anymore


listen to somebody scrape nail down a chalkboard for 20 minutes?

I am going with hitting my funny bone. The sound of nails on a chalkboard makes me cringe.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday. Whoo hooo....I won't tell you how old I am but that I am younger than everyone else in our group. I'll let you do the math.

The party on Friday was a blast. I had fun getting everyone together and just gabbing the nite away. StB gave me a really neat cd. The guy’s name is Richard Cheese. Think heavy metal meets Frank Sinatra. If you have ever seen The Osbournes on MTv and have heard the opening song “Crazy Train”, it is very similar. I will try to put a link to a few songs up. I felt pretty good on Saturday morning. I was up about 7:30. It was a beautiful day out on Sat. Sunny and in the mid-50’s. It didn’t take long for that to change tho’. Last nite, we got a lot of rain. I think we got about 2 inches or more. It was kinda strange to see how high the water got in some areas. There were a few roads closed this morning cuz they were under 3 feet of water. There were some bad storms to the south of us. Poor Riley was up most of the nite barking at the thunder.

I even got the chance to ride my new bike outside for a bit. Since I have a bright orange tire on the back, I wasn’t going to ride very far. But I did about a mile around the neighborhood. The bike rides so nice. The funny thing was how sore my legs were on Sunday morning. It had to be from riding that little bit as I didn’t do anything else on Sat that would cause my legs to be so sore.

I want to wish A good luck tomorrow. She is getting a new hip. I know you won't feel like having any visitors in the hospital so we will wait until you get home to stop over. J, let me know how it goes when you find out.


Would you rather....

Eat one small hotel bar of soap


six sticks of butter??

I have to go with the soap. I hate butter and rarely put butter on anything that I cook.

Friday, March 10, 2006


I started writing this at work today and am posting it now... I tend to ramble..

So, here are two new Dentyne-isms….

#41 – Why don’t fortune cookies give actual fortunes anymore??

#156 – You can’t really call TV characters at phone numbers that begin with “555”

Ok, I do not quite get these. Here is a picture (shit, I forgot to bring the fortune home so I could scan it, you will have to wait until Monday) of a fortune cookie I got several years ago. I love it. I think it was a very good fortune. Don’t you?? The phone number thing… uh.. yeah… everybody knows that one and figured it out when you were about 8 and tried to called Marsha Brady.

So tonite is the big birthday bash for Gambino and me. I am looking forward to it cuz it is so much fun to get the whole gang out and together. We don’t get the chance to see some of these people much anymore. I don’t look forward to the hangover that I will have tomorrow morning tho’. I have to be up early to take the boys to the groomer at 9am.

I am working on a new software release and in the initial requirements gathering phase. The group I have to work with to put together these requirements has been a bit difficult to work with at times. I consider myself to be anal about things but OMG!! There is one person who is VERY nitpicky about this. They were supposed to have the sign off on the functional design doc back to me by end of day on Tuesday. Here it is already Friday, and they are still trying to get clarification on things. They just don’t get that our developers cannot begin design work on this until we get sign off. We are now almost a week behind schedule. This takes time away from development and testing of the release. This is my project and I don’t want it to be late. Grrrrrrrr

I found out today that my great-aunt died. I don’t know how old she was, but had to be in her later 80’s - early 90’s. There are now only two of the six siblings left that we have our reunions based around. Which leads me to the next thing… I take the bull by the horns with the whole hotel thing for the reunion this summer. Now people don’t like the hotel I picked. It is apparently not nice enough for them. They want something nicer and non-smoking. My thought was then go find something better. No one else did anything to find rooms for a group of us. I tried to stick to a mid-priced hotel so that everyone can afford to go. I know that not everyone can afford to spend 150 bucks a nite on a room. Baymont Inns have nice, clean rooms. I am not going to spend a whole lot of time in the room so I don’t care too much if they are so fancy or smell like smoke.

No Zobmondo today as I have a party to get to... Have a good weekend folks!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

So Irritated I Could Make A Pearl

Today at work, I passed a guy in the hall. I was so totally grossed out by what I saw. He was a bigger guy. Wearing a white dress shirt that was so cheap and thin that I could see his chest hair. I was DISGUSTED!!! Men, if you are going to wear a white dress shirt to work, wear the tshirt underneath - or buy a better quality of shirt so that it is thicker. The Kmart 3 for 5 bucks shirt just doesn't cut it. There are just somethings that I do not need to see and that is one of them.

A new book is out about Barry Bonds taking steroids. Wow, what a shock that is. Never would have guessed that he got that way but not working hard but by cheating and using steroids. He is such a jerk.

In July, we have our family reunion. It is held every two years with the family that hosting it rotating between my grandma's siblings. The family that is hosting it this year is doing such a crappy job. Normally, we know the date about a year in advance. This helps in planning since people come from all over the country. Usually by Dec/Jan, we know the exact location (what park) and someone has booked blocks of rooms with two type of hotels, a mid-price one and a bit higher priced one. Well, the family this year has yet to block any rooms for us yet. So, I along with a few of my cousins decided we were going to stay at a specific hotel. I called the hotel and blocked some rooms and my other cousin sent the email letting people know the details. Since it is being held in Appleton this year, and the week before the EAA Fly-in, it is kinda important that we get this done soon. I was so pissed that the hosting family has done such a piss poor job of planning. Something tells me that this will not be as much fun as reunions past. That's ok, cuz the people I want to see the most will be there and we always have fun together.


Would you rather...

Always show up 20 minutes late for everything


always show up 90 minutes early for everything?

I would have to go with being early. I hate being late. Hubby says that I am always late but that is not true. If we are meeting people for a specific event I am on time. If it is a random kinda thing like, we'll be up there around 7ish - no big deal. 5 minutes won't kill anyone.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

They Come in Three's

Wow, two well known people died in the last couple of days. Kirby Puckett and Dana Reeves. I was more shocked about Dana Reeves. I did not know that she had been sick. She was so young. I don't know if she and Christopher had any kids (I think they did) but how sad for them. Losing both of your parents in such a short time. It has always been said that deaths come in threes. I wonder who the third one will be. Any guesses??

It is that time of year. I am talking about March madness. I love watching the NCAA tourney. I normally do not follow b-ball much except for the local teams. But is always exciting to watch the tourney and see the winners and losers. That and it is something I can gamble on. I usually end up in several pools. Never win but it is fun.


Would you rather....

As a hitchhiker, see handcuffs and a chainsaw in the backseat


see bloody clothing in the backseat?

hmmmm.... I have to go with the chainsaw and handcuffs. Maybe it is some hot lumberjack who is into a little something kinky... That's my reasoning and I'm sticking to it.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Lent, New Sites, Poker and Blog Stats

So I see that our good friend, StB, has decided to give up drinking for Lent. Go over and take a look at his "sober" site. Since I am not Catholic, I don't ever feel the need to give anything up. StB, I wish you much success in your journey. I hope that we still get to see you next Friday for Gambino and my birthday celebration! ps... when do I get a link on your sites??

Speaking of Gambino. She is back from hiatus with a newly revamped website. Looks good J. Stop over and say hi.

Hubby and I played in the softball fundraiser poker tourney at Big Momma's yesterday. We both sucked in the tourney but I won the first Sit 'n Go, hubby finished 3rd and he won the second game. I am starting to feel good about how I have been playing and look forward to playing again soon. I mentioned that to hubby and he made the stupid comment that I was just 'lucky'. He refuses to give me credit that I may actually know what I am doing. I am not saying that I am a great player, but I can hold my own. And I have to admit, I do get lucky sometimes. The rough part was the drinking. I think that hubby and I were both a bit hooched. Poor puppies, we were gone by 11:30 am got home about 9:30pm and I was in bed by 10:30pm. They got some extra play time in the snow to make up for it today.

Do any of you have a site counter on your blog? If not, I recommend getting one. I use It is very interesting to see where people come from to get your site. I am apparently a bit hit in Germany and Hong Kong. I have three people from Hong Kong stop by every so often. If you are one of those folks, leave a comment and say Hi. You can also see what keywords are used to get to your site. Here are some recent ones. ' dentyne-isms', 'a wish for all the difficult people in your life', 'big old trees wallpapers' and 'old movies shoutingloudly'. A bit strange but hey who I am to say what people use Google for...


Would you rather....

Spend a week at school in your underwear


attend two classes completely nude?

I am going with two classes nude. That is about two hours of my time vs a whole week. Others may not care to see me nude but I don't care. They can stare at my boobs for two hours.

Have a good week folks!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

New Links, Reality and No Porn

Well, another week has flown by. I knew that if I didn't post something early tonite that I would get caught up in tv and forget about it again.

I had to update my links to other blogs since DJW has once again retired his blog.... If he comes back, I will put the link back up. I am adding a new links to CosmopolGirl and Slampig. Both are great girls with good blogs and interesting tales to tell. Stop by and say hi.

I love that the Amazing Race is back on. That is my all time favorite show. I keep telling StB that we should try out for the show. We could be the drinking buddies.... or maybe not... since it appears that he gave up drinking (at least Maker's) for Lent. There are a couple of really hot guys on the show this year. I hope they do more shots of them with their shirts off :) Idol is getting good. Last nite the guys sang and Chris rocked the house. He did a Fuel song, hemorrhage, and was awesome! The girls are ok this year. No one really stands out as being great yet. Maybe that'll change as time goes by. I am also a Survivor fan. I am in pool and have Shane. I'll be gone soon. Hubby has Aras. He is some nice eye candy as well.

I think I may have to boycott eating Domino's pizza. I am not sure I want my money going towards this....The founder is building a town in Florida that is based on the Catholic beliefs. All fine and dandy except no porn will be sold, birth control, including condoms will not be dispensed in your local pharmacy and your cable will be G-rated. So the population of that town will be about 20 people, all of them over 80.

Milwaukee has a great Art Musuem. Recently, a local radio group held a party there.... we'll call it Martinifest. All you can drink martinis for 30 bucks.. Great deal. They had all sorts of problems. From puking to groping the statues. I don't want to re-write the article, so go and take a look... it was too funny.

Now for everyone's favorite thing....ZOBMONDO

Would you rather....
Have to go to the bathroom in a giant cat-litter box inside your house


anywhere you want but only outside?

I am going with the cat box. I hate going outside in a pit toilet when we camp. No one says that I have to be the one to clean it. That can be hubby's job....