Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Ok, folks... I know it has been awhile since my last post. Just no time or energy in the evenings to do much beyond what needs to get done.

It is once again time for the big plea for your cash!

For those of you who have made a donation in support of me for the Trek100.... a big THANK YOU!!! It is much appreciated.

For those of you who have not donated. Do so now!! (hint, hint, StB and OMW). I have a long way to go to make my goal. Just click on the link and make your donation. A little goes a long way.

The MACC Fund, Inc. (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer) is dedicated to eradicating pediatric cancer and related blood disorders through research. The primary beneficiary of MACC Fund support is the Midwest Children's Cancer Center with research conducted in the MACC Fund Research Center of the Medical College of Wisconsin. The MACC Fund is also proud to support the Paul P. Carone Comprehensive Cancer Center of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

So, if you have a child, niece, nephew or even a pesky neighbor kid, think of them and how your donation can help them if need be. I know my friend, Ms. Gambino, is all too familiar with childhood cancer as her nephew, Ricky, is a leukemia survivor. I don't recall how long he has been cancer free now, but I know it has been several years.

If you make a donation, ask your employer if they will match it. Many will. That doubles the bang of your dollar. All you have to do is get the form from your employer, fill it out and send it in with the offline donation form. Hey, if you don't want to pay for the stamp, give it to me and I can turn it in the day of the ride. Remember, your contribution is also tax deductible. Who can't use a few extra deductions each year!

So... I hope I have now guilt ed you into donating!!! I thank you and the kids thank you!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I should be working....

but I am feeling lazy so decided to post something. Our boss lets us work from home now usually at least one day a week. Other than the fact it save me about 10 bucks a day in gas, it is nice to roll outta bed, brush my teeth, take the dogs out and fire up the computer and start my workday. Hell, I didn't even put a bra on today until almost 9:30.

Last weekend was the weekend we lived at the ballpark. Hubby and I took the nieces to the Brewer game. It was $1 hot dog and soda nite. I was shocked when S, the 6 year old ate three, yes, three hot dogs. I guess she was hungry. The girls had a blast and loved it when we hit three home runs and they got to see Bernie Brewer go down the slide. It is a trip we will plan again. Brewer win 10-0.

On Sunday, hubby and I went with his new production leader and her brother to the game. She was nice. Her brother was a bit of a pill but still alot of fun. We had awesome seats. Right behind the visitor's dugout about 4 rows back. I DVR'd the game and seen that we had alot of face time every time there was a right handed batter. Hubby needs to make sure he gets those tickets again. They rocked. Even better, Brewers win again 6-4. Another exciting game. Brewer fever has struck Milwaukee. It is great to see that Antanasio's opening of the wallet is doing some good. Wendy Selig should take note. That is how you put a winning team on the field.

It has been nice enough out that I have been able to get out and ride my bike almost every nite this week. It feels good to get the muscles moving again. That should also help the winter weight I have put on melt away. I already have my bike short tan lines on my legs.

On Monday, I filled up my truck with gas. It cost me 68 BUCKS!! WTF?!?! That is crazy. Good thing I still had 1/4 of a tank left or it could have been closer to 80 bucks. And that is for just one week of driving back and forth to work.

This weekend is our first camping trip of the year. I cannot wait. Have to hit the store tonight and pick up supplies. I am thinking 4 bottles of wine should be enough. Sitting around the campfire, listening to some tunes, drinking, playing trivia that Ken and I have a 5 seconds delay on answering (it gives others a chance to answer) and hearing StB give the answer of "my balls" to every question.

Well, I guess I have wasted enough time for now and should get back to work.


Would you rather...

Have one long, thick, furry eyebrow across your entire forehead


an inordinate amount of ear and hose hair that cannot be removed??

I am going with the eyebrow. Just think of the crap that will get stuck in the nose and ear hair.