Thursday, July 10, 2008

Corey Hart, All Star

Well done, Brewer fans!!

It was announced a little bit ago that Corey Hart was NL selection in the 2008 All Star Game Final Vote.

Way to go!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Making Toast

So, I get an email from hubby about 10 am wanting to know if I a.) wanted the old toaster back or b.) a new toaster oven. A, you were close in your comment.

I told him that if he brought me the old toaster back I would make BLTs for dinner tonight, if he wanted to come over.

He was running late and wanted to get home before the Brewers game so he stopped off and bought me a new toaster.

Here it is folks....

By the way, the BLTs were yummy. I still have some bacon so I make them for dinner tomorrow night as well.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Lunch or Lack of One

I went to the grocery store this morning to do my weekly shopping. I have had a craving for BLT sandwich for the past week now. I pick up all the fixings, get home, unpack everything and realize that I don't have a toaster. Hubby took it with him.

I guess I'll have to head out to get one.... sigh.....

Damn, I was soo looking forward to that BLT for lunch today.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Vote Now

Click here to vote for Corey "I wear my Sunglasses at Night" Hart to be the final man on the National League All Star team.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

I'm Still Here

The last couple of weeks have been busy and just really did not have the time to post much.

We went to our family reunion a couple of weeks ago. Hubby and I took my two oldest nieces. For being 13 and 7, I cannot believe how good they were in the car for 3 .5 hours. They both pulled out books and read the whole time. No fighting or bickering. Same thing for the way home. I was amazed. Only once did S, ask how much longer. I showed her the GPS and pointed out where she could see the time remaining. So every so often she would lean forward and look.

Here are my nieces (outside) and my cousin's daughter (middle).

Yea, the sign is outdated but we bring it every year. The picture is of my great grandparents, my grandma and her siblings. We think the picture is dated from about 1930-ish.

The reunion itself was a good time. There were about 80 people from all over the country who attended. We have these every two years and are hosted by a different family each time. Hubby played ladder golf with one of my cousins who is slow (she was run over by a farm tractor when she about 7 and now has permanent brain damage). She almost nailed him in the nuts once when she flung the golf balls. It was kinda funny. It is always good to see everyone.

It is Summerfest time in Milwaukee. That means 11 days of music, beer and food. If you have never been to Summerfest, I suggest that you plan a visit sometime. Where else can you have 11 stages of music for 11 days and more than 700 bands

Went to John Mellencamp. For those of you who know me. I am a huge John Mellencamp fan. It started many years ago with my cousin, Linda. Since then we have been to more than 10 of his concerts all over the state. We had 8th row seats right of the aisle. It actually turned out to be about 5th row as there were no rows A-C. The concert rocked.

This picture was snapped without zooming. Yes, that is how close we were.

With it being the holiday week, work was fairly quiet. Until Thursday night. I went to bed around 11 or so. My pager went off at midnight. I join the conference call already in place. It seems that our application is creating new tickets for a group every 3-4 seconds. This had been going on since about 6:50 pm. It is now after midnight. There were over 5000 tickets. Not sure why it took so freaking long to call people in on this. After looking at things, I said that it was not on our end but that it was the automation side of things. I asked them to call in a person who handled that system about 12:15 am. By time someone finally got it thru their thick heads to call her, it was an hour later. She looked at things and said 'yep, it is because the person who set up the alerts was using special characters (@#$%^&*) in one of the fields.'. It was trying to read the info and read the special characters and got itself all locked up in a big loop. Now we have told people that they cannot do this but yet they continue to do so. By time all was said and done the group now had to close almost 7000 tickets manually, one at a freaking time. HAHAHA!!!! That'll teach them.

Yesterday, hubby helped me rip the carpet out of my office. The floors underneath look pretty good. The only room left to get the carpet out of is the spare bedroom. That one can wait for awhile. We grilled out steaks for dinner.

We met a bunch of the gang at the parking lot of the high school to watch the fireworks. It was fun as we could see both Cudahy's and St. Francis's shows. As G said, Cudahy had length but St. Francis had girth. We hung around in the parking lot until after 11, I think. A good time was had by all.

Well, time to go take the dogs for a walk. They are getting restless.

Have a good weekend and Peace Out!