Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Up in Smoke

One of my co-workers, Hank, is in MN this week for some training.

Hank is a smoker. When he is in the office, Hank goes outside for a smoke break about once an hour. It takes him about 15 minutes each time. I know this because he walks by my desk each time he goes out.

Hank is staying in a hotel with his boss during the training. They have separate rooms. The hotel they are at is a non smoking hotel. We found out today that Hank has been smoking in his room. The hotel found this out as well.

The hotel fined Hank $250 for each night he is staying. He is there for five nights. That's $1250. One thousand two hundred fifty dollars.

That is alot of money. No matter who you are that will make a dent in your monthly budget. Hell, that is more than most people's mortgage payment.

To make matter even worse, Hank does not have a credit card. How you can be 60 years old and not have one is beyond me. I'm surprised he didn't have a corporate card. Normally, if you do any sort of traveling for work, they make you get one. So the fine for smoking in the room will be put on his boss's credit card.

When you get penalties like this, the bank will not pay for them. They are your responsibility. I'm not sure how he will pay back his boss. But I know if hubby had come home from a business trip and told me that he did something like this and now had to pay back $1250 I would be furious.

What would you do if that was your significant other?

~Peace Out~

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Karma is a Female Dog

Earlier this week, my cousin passed away. She was 67. In Sept. she had a stroke. After that things went down hill quickly. She had issues with blot clots and some other stuff. A week before Thanksgiving she was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. They did surgery to relieve the pressure on her brain but it was terminal.

Growing up, our family did alot with theirs. My cousin, Daryl and I played SHAW hockey together. Ok, so I only lasted one season but it was still fun. Daryl on the other hand won a scholarship to Stout by playing hockey. I remember sitting at Wilson Park, with our hockey sticks, jamming to Kiss, Rock n Roll All Night.

On Christmas Day we had a round robin. Everyone like coming back to our house. By then it would be late. The parents were more interested in partying. Us kids took the snowmobiles out. We would go all over. It seemed that at least once or twice a year we would run out of gas or tip them and couldn't get them righted. Someone would have to hoof it back to the house and get a dad.

I'm sad but I somehow feel that this was a bit of karma action going on.

When my dad was sick, she and her husband were frequent visitors to the hospital. I appreciated that. I know it meant alot to my dad. But with all the stuff going on between my parents my cousin took sides. Not that it was wrong but she was not nice about it.

When my dad finally died, she totally ignored my mom at the funeral. She would not say a word to her. Walked right by her and came up to me. At the cemetery, after we buried my dad, she asked me if I thought that I should go back and lock up the house so my mom and sister wouldn't steal anything. That made me furious. She took a day that was already difficult and made it even worse.

I feel like somehow this is her payback for being mean. It's not that I would wish what she has gone through on anyone but sometimes I think that the world gives you what you deserve.

Is it mean of me to think that?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

Whole Lot of Shakin'

The earthquake tragedy last week in Haiti is a very unfortunate incident. That could have happened anywhere. Many people died and were injured. I heard today that because of lack of medical attention and facilities that doctors in one hospital are amputating arms and legs from more than 100 people a day.

What I find very interesting is how so many people, including celebrities have 'found' a cause to support. There is even a telethon later this week. The money is definately needed to help rebuild the country and get the people back on their feet. Obama has pledged millions upon millions of dollars that the country really doesn't have. Americans have always felt morally responsible for other people. We are a nation of givers.

But.... I think that the money could be well spent in our own country. Imagine what that money could do if it were put back into your community. If it were put into a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, a school. There are many domestic issues that need people's time and money. I feel that our government is acting very irresponsible. Spending money that we really don't have.

Ok, I'm hoping off my soapbox and I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

Friday, January 15, 2010

This is only a test

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