Saturday, November 03, 2012

Random Vacation Thoughts

Some random thoughts on my vacation to Southern California.

  • There are a lot of dentists in Tijuana, Mexico. The locals all had very bad teeth.
  • Sunsets over the water are just as pretty as sunrises.
  • The USS Midway was a big fucking boat.
  • The HMS Queen Mary is also a big fucking boat.
  • Endeavour is a cool space shuttle. Seeing it up close was breath taking
  • CA people don't drive like assholes. There are just a gazillion people trying to go the same place you are.
  • Parking anywhere in California SUCKS!! Have they never heard of parking lots??
  • California does not believe in signs telling you where you can and can't park. They paint the curbs. Red curbs mean no parking. Yellow is a loading zone and no paint mean you can park there. 
  • There are a lot of curbs where the paint is barely visible
  • I hate driving thru the mountains. I thought I was going to cry or puke or both.
  • Jay Leno was pretty cool.
  • Lots of gay people like Betty White. (I had no clue)
  • Taylor Launter has extremely white teeth.
  • I had no clue who Taylor Lautner was until a few weeks ago
  • Eddie Cibrian is even hotter in person than on tv. 
  • I don't watch enough trashy tv. 
  • I have no clue who half of the celebrities people were talking about were.
  • I'm ok with not knowing who those people were.
  • Running along the ocean was awesome.
  • I had to skip half of the Reagan library exhibit that was about his funeral. They played "taps" and I started tearing up.
  • Pandas rock!
  • California makes some pretty damn tasty beer.
  • I'm ready to eat my "normal" diet of food again. Eating out was hard for me to do. 
  • 8 days is too many days to be away from my dogs. I missed them something fierce.