Wednesday, June 15, 2011


With Father's day on Sunday, I find myself missing my dad more now than right after he died.

It is the little, stupid things that I miss the most. Like coming home to find that he did some little thing around the house for me. I miss asking his advice on stuff. How to do something or having him help me fix something. Or just even going up to the restaurant down the street for dinner.

It is kinda funny. I look back and think that the last few years he was alive we went down a very similar path. We both had spouses that cheated, tried to work it out, got fed up with it and moved on. The end result for both was sorta the same Randy died and so did my dad.

I was always closer to my dad than my mom. I liked to learn how things worked and my dad liked to show me. He was by no means perfect and had his demons. He struggled most of his adult life with alcoholism and in the end that and smoking contributed to his death. And while he could drive me nuts at times, I knew that he loved me and even when he was dying he was trying to take care of me and make sure that I would be alright.

Dad, I miss you and love you and I'm doing alright. Thank you for teaching me to be the person I am.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Had the most bizarre dream last night. I don't normally remember them but this one I did.

Some background info first. My friend, Becky, is having her first baby any day now. Since she first announced her pregnancy in December she had been calling the baby Olive or Oliver. They knew the sex but were not telling anyone. At the time of her first ultrasound, the baby was the size of an olive, so the name stuck.

So back to the dream ....

Becky had her baby. It was a boy. They named him Martin. Her husband was not happy with this name. But it was a compromise. She wanted to call him "Martini withand Olive" and he said no way. So Martin was the name they went with.

I don't remember anything else but thinking Becky had better not name him that.

And no, I didn't have anything strange to eat yesterday.