Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Dead Pool

So, who took Anna Nicole Smith in their dead pool this year. Not me. You have to feel a bit sorry for such a wasted life. I thought she was cute when she was the Guess? girl. She made curvy women sexy. Women with hips and boobs. I wonder who they will find to be the baby's daddy? and what will happen to the baby. That is who you feel sorry for. Not the kids fault it was born into a crazy train wreck mess.

New boss is in town. Got my review. Pleasantly surprised. Not by the content but by the amounts. Raise kinda sucked but the bonus was better than last year. Enough to be where I think we will be getting hardwood flooring put in the house this spring!! YIPEEE!! I think we are going with a wood called amendoim. It has a really pretty color and pattern. Both which vary depending on where in the tree it is from. It is much nicer looking than oak, maple or the Brazilian cherry we were looking at.

New boss took hubby and I and coworker, L and his partner to dinner. We went to Friday's Front Row. She was excited to see the park and couldn't believe how cool it was that you could go and eat at the ball park in left field. She wants to come back during the summer and catch a game. I guess you never realise what a cool things Milwaukee has to offer when you live here. We are pretty lucky.

My mom was supposed to go into for surgery on Tuesday. Well we got there and she was in the OR and when the anesthesiologist was doing his pre-surgery testing he discovered a heart murmur. It was a bit strange that no one else caught it with all the tests that she has had done over the last few months. So, she has a few more test done next week but it looks like she will have to have a valve replaced in her heart first. The doctor is looking to do this within the next couple of weeks. She is rather bummed about it but heart stuff does run her family. My grandma died about 20 years ago from heart disease.

Any one have any ideas on what to do with our dog Boomer? For those of you who may not remember... Boomer is the dog we rescued while camping this past summer. He is a Yorkie-Pomeranian mix. Looks like a Yorkie tho'. When we got him he was 9 months old and had been in at least 6 homes by this time. At some point someone beat him and he was/is terrified of men. To this day if hubby moves to fast or startles Boomer he gets scared and growls. He is getting better tho'. The problem is that he has some major separation anxiety. He hates being in his crate and messes in there every day. I have a whole stash of old crate towels that I use. I give him treats and toys when he goes in there. It is getting to the point that as soon as I bring him back in from outside in the morning he goes and hides out under the bed. He knows he is safe there cuz it is a king bed and we can't reach him. Rufus and Riley don't mind being in their crates and go in there so well. If we leave him out he messes in the house. I have tried to confine him to the kitchen but somehow he is Houdini dog and jumps over the half wall that separates the kitchen from the living room. We have a breakfast nook in that corner and he would jump on the bench then on the table and over the wall. I tried putting stuff on the bench but he would pull it off or jump over it. I hate leaving him cuz he just shakes and cringes when I put him in his crate each day. I am almost to the point where he may go into doggy day care. I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions??

Well, on to the moment you have been waiting for....


Would you rather....

As a woman have a really hairy back


really long curly, exposed nose hairs?

I am going with the back hair. I can hide that better than the nose hair.

Have a good weekend everyone!!