Monday, September 29, 2008

It's Been a Long Time Comin'

26 long years....

That is how long Milwaukee has waited to have a team in the MLB playoffs. It was worth the wait. Sometimes you just get the feeling that you are witnessing something special. This past season for the Brewers was it. It felt kinda like it did in '96 when the Packers won the Super Bowl. You just knew it was something.

I am not predicting that they will win the World Series (it would be nice tho'). But I think that they will play hard and give the fans an experience to remember for a long time to come.

I found some pictures on the Brewers website that sum up yesterday.

Braun hitting a two run home run in the 8th inning

Braun pouring champagne over CC Sabathia

The Brewers celebrating in the locker room.

What I did find amusing is that today at work was the number of people who had gone out yesterday and bought the Wild Card shirts. I seen at least a dozen by day's end. It was crazy. I would guess that half of them don't follow baseball in any way except for now that they have jumped on the bandwagon.

Thank you Mark Attanasio for buying the Brewers and spending the money to build a winning team. You have done what some said would never happen in a small market like Milwaukee.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sleeping Like a Baby

Hubby was gone this past weekend with the guys to the Packer game. I had a blissful time. sigh...... I was able to sleep so well not having to listen to hubby snore like a train. Sorry guys that you had to put up with him for the weekend... NOT!! Since he moved back in with me, I have slept for shit. His snoring keeps me awake and I never get a good night's sleep. I really need to send him away more often.

Saturday I played poker. Did ok. In the first game I ran into a bigger pair to get knocked out early and only get three points. The second game went much better. I ended up taking 2nd place. I had been short stacked most of the game but managed to win when needed. After all was said and done, I can't take first place but am in the money for either 2nd or 3rd overall for the tourney. I have to finish in the top 4 to cash.

Sunday went and did some shopping. Boston Store had it's semi-annual Goodwill sale going on. You donate some old clothes and get coupons for new ones. I love this sale. I was happy to get a couple pairs of Ralph Lauren pants that were on sale. I love, love, love these pants but really don't like spending 200 bucks on them. I wait for the sales. They were on sale for 50% off so that dropped the price to $100. They were also in the yellow dot section which was another 25% off, down to $75. The Goodwill coupon took another 20% off which brought the final price down to 60 bucks. ROCK ON!!!

There has been a stray cat hanging around for the past few days. He is very friendly. He looks like he was a house cat for awhile as he doesn't have the battle scars that outside cats normally do. He is very skinny tho. I don't want to feed him so that he never leaves. I am allergic to cats so we can't keep him. Not that I want or need another animal. I hope he finds his way home soon.

It has been a long time since I posted a ZOBMONDO so here you go....

Would you rather....

have to hang onto the top of a car going 100 mph for ten minutes


try to stay on the top of a hot-air balloon in the sky for ten minutes?

I have to go with the car. I don't like heights.

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Bit Disturbing

In the past week I noticed something very odd when driving home.

I go past this very large cemetery on Capitol Dr. They are now advertising that you can use the building for you next event. Got a wedding, family reunion, corporate meeting? Try the cemetery. I also see that they are having a classic car show tomorrow. To me this is just a bit morbid. Granted it has a huge beautiful building but still…..

I will have to try and get a picture of the sign.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When we last left our heroine…

I had to send back my Crocs and get new ones in sizes that fit. I called their Customer Service area and had the most pleasant experience. She was able to send me a return postage label and get the new shoes ordered.

I got the new shoes and low and behold they did not fit. Ok, one pair fits pretty well but the Badger Crocs do not. My feet now hang over the back by ½ inch. Damn!! So back they go. The sizes run small is a 6-7 and the medium is 8-9. I really need a 7-8 sizing. Oh well.

My dad starts with his radiation and chemo treatments next week. He goes this week to the dentist and has to get some filings and a tooth pulled. I guess any teeth that are a bit suspect they need to take care of now before radiation as the jaw bones will be compromised afterwards. He also has to go and have some other testing done before the treatments start.

I’m going up to MN again for work next week. I’m excited about this one. This is the one workshop that I really wanted to be involved with. Just not looking forward to the 5 hour drive. The company is too cheap to pay for me to fly and then rent a car when I’m up there.

I have just finished reading one of the funniest books I have read in a long time. When I was reading it, I was laughing out loud. Hubby told me that if I was going to keep laughing like that I should go read somewhere else. I told him to go watch football somewhere else if it bothered him.

The book is ‘Bright Lights, Big Ass (A Self-Indulgent Surly Ex-Sorority Girl’s Guide to Why it Often Sucks in the City, or Who Are These Idiots and Why do They All Live Next Door to Me?)’ by Jen Lancaster. One of the funniest sections was where she is telling you about how here husband will no longer let her go grocery shopping by herself any longer. It seems that she came back from the store with three, yes 3 birthday cakes for dinner. Her reasoning… hey they had nuts on it so you had protein and she bought ice cream for dairy, isn’t that considered part of the food pyramid?? I was trying to read this section to hubby and I kid you not, I laughed for more than 15 minutes before I could get thru the ten sentences. I had tears just streaming down my face it was so funny. For those of you who know hubby will know why this is so funny for me. He has been known to eat an entire cake in one day. I have her other two books reserved at the library, I can’t wait to read them.