Tuesday, July 31, 2007

They Come in Three's

July 30th must be a good day to die. They were dropping like flies.

I first heard that Tom Snyder died of leukemia. He was 71. He got his start here in Milwaukee. I remember watching his interview with Brett Favre after the Packers won the Super Bowl in '96. Tom was always a funny guy and very down to earth. I always found it interesting that they let him smoke on the set as long as they did. So not p.c.

Next came Bill Walsh. He too battled leukemia. I always thought he was a class act. Great football mind. His coaching 'family tree' touches almost every football team in the NFL.

Last but not least was Ingmar Bergman. One of the all time great directors. His style is a classic. Many try to copy him but few ever succeed.

On a lighter note.... On Friday, as I was getting into my truck, I closed the door and heard a pop. Could figure out what it was at first. Then I seen it... a crack in my windshield. DAMN!! As I drove home it got larger and now covers about a third of the windshield. I call the dealer to see if the windshield had any recalls or is under warranty. It was not. It is only a 3 years/36,000 mile warranty. I made the three years with time to spare but have over 47000 mile on the truck already. So I called around today and found a place to come and fix it. 280 bucks later.....

Hubby and I went to a new (to us) Mexican place for dinner on Friday. Hector's. It is on Delaware Ave in Bay View. StB recommended it to us, so we thought we would give it a try. We got there and ordered strawberry Margaritas. They were really good so we decided to get a pitcher. The food was excellent. We got the bill and was shocked to find that the pitcher was 27 bucks!! WTF!?! 27 bucks. For a pitcher of margaritas!?! We were a little shocked. Ok, alot shocked. I figured maybe 15-18 bucks... 20 tops... I will have to remember that for the next time we eat there.


Would you rather...

As a man, have hair implants that are totally obvious
a toupee that is a bad match to your remaining hair??

I have to say the toupee. There is an older gentleman at work that has a bad toupee at work and you kinda have to feel sorry for him. I don't think he knows how goofy it looks.

New Guy at Work

Note: I wrote this a couple of weeks ago and left it as a draft. I'm going to post it untouched. It is still applicable.

Time for some bitchin' about work....

We have a new guy that started back in March or so. He is not from this country but from Algeria. He is French and Algerian. His English is not so good. He is nice enough but...

Once of the things my group does is handle the administration for the paging devices for the company. We have about 8000 devices that we maintain. It is a full time job. When we add people to our intranet paging site, we use the name that is listed for them in the corporate address book. So if, you are Susanne Z Smith in the address book, this is how you are listed on the Intranet site. Pretty easy concept, right?? Except for the new guy... Since his English is so poor and does not quite get how people can have nicknames he is adding them twice. Once as Suzanne and again as Suzy. Well, he had been doing this for over a month without anyone realizing it. We found it last week. We had to go back over almost 200 pager orders and fix them. I know that this is a cultural issue but how can you teach that to someone?? We don't have time to go over each and every name and the potential nicknames associated to that name. We tried making him a cheat sheet for the common one but even that he doesn't follow.

Our boss had hired him without any input from anyone else on our group. He is supposedly very technical. I have yet to see that. He has been making the same mistakes now for the last 2 months. It is getting frustrating for L and I as well as the new guy. Our boss just isn't listening to us when we say that he is not working out. I think we should cut our losses and let him go. I would rather do the work myself and know it is done right than have to do my work and then check over his work and then fix anything that isn't correct.

Our boss is new to the group and has only been around since Nov of last year. She really has no clue as to what it is we do and how we do it. L and I have been doing this job for the last 4 years. We know what we are doing. Trust us.

She gets upset at me when I call her out about errors she has made. I have to bring them up or she will never know that she is doing something wrong. Bottom line...I really have no respect for her. They put her into this position and she just isn't management material. It is hard to complain about her cuz she treats of very well. But her mgmt style, or lack of a style, is very frustrating.

I am just hanging around until the end of summer. I have too much vacation time planned over the next couple of months and if I go to another company, I'll probably not get any time off.

Ok, enough bitchin'...


Would you rather....

Walk barefoot over six feet of holly leaves


over six feet of live roaches?

I am going with the roaches. They would just be crunchy. Holly would hurt.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Just a Quicky

I'm implementing a software release tonight and waiting for the final stuff to finish up.

Lots going on but not much time to write anything... I'll try to post some this week tho'. Until then, here is a Zobmondo to keep you entertained.

Would you rather....

As a woman, be totally flat chested with saucer sized nipples


have huge breasts with no nipples?

Hmmmm.... this is difficult. I have huge breasts with huge nipples... or at least I think I do. So I guess I'll go with huge breasts.

Have a good week all!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Do You Think These Sunglasses Make Me Look Fat??

In honor of HNT....

What else can I say about this..... My back hurts just looking at this picture.

And I thought I had a hard time finding a bathing suit to fit me on top.....

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Just How Drunk Do You Have to Be....

.... to hit two people with your car and drive with one of them lodged in the windshield of your car??

When I first heard the story on the news last nite, I thought it was an urban legend. It wasn't.

You can read the entire story and see a picture of the car here.

Police say a 40-year-old Green Bay driver was drunk when he hit the two pedestrians, then drove about seven blocks home with the man's body lodged in his windshield.

Seven Blocks?!?! WTF?!?! Did you not see the guys head looking at you as you were driving?? I don't think I have ever been drunk enough to miss another person in the car with me while driving... especially if he is half way thru my windshield.

I do have to give the guy some credit. He did call police and tell them that he thinks he hit someone. Granted it was six hours later but still, he made the call.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Boomer's Twin??

There was a link some time ago on Yahoo to the a picture that looked very much like Boomer.

I, of course, did not save the link but instead had to Google it.

Can you tell which is Boomer and which is the South African Bat Ear fox??

Other stuff that has been going on...

Went to Summer fest a couple of times. Got rained out a bit for the fireworks on the 3rd. Had fun tho sitting in Jo Jo's Martini lounge watching it rain out.

On Thursday, I went to Bon Jovi with a couple of girls from work. The show was just ok. Not as good I had hoped. Really not worth the 90 bucks I spent on the ticket. He played too much stuff from his new album. Which is fine but I have not heard any of it before. He played for about 1 hr 45 min.

What I found kinda amusing, was that during the encore and a couple of slower songs, people were flashing their cell phones instead of their lighters. Oh how times have changed. Who doesn't remember burning either their finger nails or their thumb holding the lighter for songs at a time...

Richie Sambora, fresh outta rehab, was good. He was really jamming at times. Jon, as always, was good to look at. Here is a pic from my phone. Not the best quality but....

Since Lisa was driving, she was not drinking. Her friend, Stephanie, was not much of a drinker either. I was drinking the wine coolers (think I had 7-8) and left the concert and Summerfest more sober than should be allowed. How disappointing...


Would you rather....

Be freed by the fire department after your hand got caught in the toilet bowl (while dressed)


after your finger got caught in the shower head (while naked)?

I am going with the hand in the toilet bowl. I have been known to accidentally drop jewelry down there from time to time. (hey, how do you think I keep getting bigger diamonds??)