Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tweet This

So, I have posted several times about how Twitter has been an interesting communication vehicle for me. I've met all sorts of people. From Team Challenge to Beer Club. All a very interesting and eclectic group. Some people will definately be good friends.

I follow @NASAKennedy on Twitter. I have followed them for quite awhile now. I loved watching the tweets about the space shuttles and other stuff.

Last week I seen a tweet from them about a NASA Tweetup. A Tweetup is nothing more than a gathering of people who meet up in real life that met on Twitter.

I thought what the heck. Went out to the link and signed up. I even posted that I signed up. Didn't really give it much thought. On Saturday, I got the email that @NASATweetup is following me. Hmm. I wonder if they are following everyone who applied to see what people tweet about and what not. Again, I didn't give it a whole lot of thought.

Until Monday. I get home and check my email and see an email from someone I don't recognize. I don't use that email address for spam and crap so I was curious. I opened it up and read this....

Dear Jo,

Congratulations, your registration has been selected to attend the NASA Tweetup at space shuttle Endeavour's targeted launch April 18-19 at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida! The event will provide you the opportunity to speak with shuttle technicians, engineers, astronauts, and managers, and to experience the launch of space shuttle Endeavour to the International Space Station.

Please read this entire e-mail carefully for instructions on securing your spot and planning your attendance.

It took me a few times of reading it before it sank in.

HOLY CRAP!! I am going to Florida to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour launch. This is the last launch of a space shuttle, EVER!

I get to watch the launch from about 3 miles away which is as close as people can actually be. Any public viewing areas are like 12-15 miles away.

I started watching the hashtag #NASATweetup. I seen a tweet from a girl (from Oklahoma City) who was looking for someone to share a rental car with. I replied back that I was interested. Turns out she has a place to stay for free and we are going to split the cost of the car for the week. That will be a huge cost savings as it is spring break and prices are jacked up sky high in that area. Good thing airfare is so cheap to Orlando.

I had to apply today for my security credentials. That was an interesting process. It will take a day or so for me to be approved.

Stay tuned for further updates on my TweetUp adventure!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beer Club Field Trip - Part Deux

When we last left our field trip gang, they were leaving the Milwaukee Brewing Co tour and trying to decide where to eat and go drink next.

We ended up eating at the Gyro Palace. A. It was right across the street and B. No waiting, like we would at Industri Cafe.

Sara, who had not eaten since like morning, was spewing out some great OH's left and right. I tried to go back thru my twitter feed to find them but no luck. I guess I should have written this post a couple of weeks ago already.

We decided that we were going to head up to Romans Pub for a few more drinks. Since Mitch and Sara were not in any shape to drive at that point, Neil and I fought an evil death match to see who they would ride with. Ok, so may it was more like I had the cell phone charger so they rode with me. Also Neil had some wood in the back of his truck so back seat seating would be cramped. I said that I would take them to Romans and Neil could take them back to their cars later.

We get to Romans and are decided what to drink. It is noticed that the Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron Ale is aged on wood.

Opaque black color, mocha, wood and dark fruit aromas, aged on the wood of the Paraguayan Palo Santo tree, sweet caramel malt layered with wood, fruit and roasted flavors. (12.0%)

Upon reading that, we ask Neil if his wood (in his truck) can make beer. Hilarity ensues and soon NeilsWood is born. Neil's Wood lives to hit people who ride in the back of Neil's truck in the head. If you don't already, follow him. For an inanimate object he sure is witty and saucy with the ladies. He always leaves me laughing.

Soon Jess and Frank joined us as well as Neil's dad and uncles. We were all just glad that Uncle Jim decided to keep his hip thrusting to himself.

After a few hours of great beer and even better conversation we hit the road.

Another successful beer club field trip is in the books.

ps. I know I'm missing stuff but, hey, it was almost two weeks ago. I forget things.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beer Club Field Trip

This past Saturday saw the Twitter Beer Club take another field trip.

This time we were taking a tour of the Milwaukee Brewing Co. No one in the group had actually ever been on this tour so it made it even more fun.

The tour ended up only being a few of us. Mitch, Sara, Neil and Neil's friend, Jeff. We paid our $7, got our glass and had it filled with beer. The tour we wanted to go on was full so we had to wait 30 minutes for the next one. Darn. I guess that meant we had to have another free beer. Fill up glass with beer. We stood and talked and next thing you know it was time for our tour to start. Quick, go fill up the glass with more beer.

We follow Sean around to the first station. The group is large and we are towards the back so we can't really see or hear anything. He is talking about the grains used. I can see a box of Grape Nuts. That's about all I know. We move on.

We go up the stairs. We look inside the big kettles. Sean is still talking but we are not really paying attention. It is more fun to take picture of the Flux Capacitor. Not sure if it really works but by this time it is funny.


We go back downstairs. Looks at some more stuff, everyone goes into the cooler. I was getting my beer refilled so I was a bit behind everyone. Next thing I know the doors to the cooler are closing, I rush in. People are now calling me Indiana Jones. We leave the cooler and find this little graphy thing outside of it. It has squigly lines on it. I make the joke that it is recording earthquakes in Japan. I know that it is really measuring the temperature and humidity in the room. No one lets me tweet what I really want to say.

We also got to see of HAL2000. I forgot to get a picture of that.

Mitch remarks that he really didn't pay much attention to the tour. Really?!? Shock. We all kinda wandered around and tweeted alot of OH's.

Tour is about done, we hang around to drink more free beer and decide what we are going to do next....

Stayed tuned for part 2 of Beer Club Field Trip. Next up: Neil's Wood

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Magic Chute

It's my birthday and the damn magic chute is broken.

Why is no one coming to my house to do my laundry?? sigh... do they not know it is my birthday and it needs to be done.

I throw dirty clothes down the magic chute. How come they didn't come back up clean?? I had to do 6 loads of laundry today. I live alone.

It may be kinda scary that I have enough clothes to last that long. I could have gone longer except I needed clean workout clothes. They have to line dry so that prompted the marathon laundry session today. In between two (yes, two) workouts, grocery shopping and a wonderful nap! I did laundry. I still have another load of cold water stuff to be done but no where left to hang it to dry.

Oh well, I guess I'll have to work on getting that magic chute fixed.