Monday, October 19, 2009

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Normally I do not remember my dreams. They come and go throughout the night.

Last night, I had a very odd one that when I woke up the actually wanted to call the person and tell them.

It started out simply enough. Hanging out at the bar with Annette, Ben, Anita, Barney, and StB. Drinking beer like any Friday night.

StB was telling us about the new car he wanted to get. Another Mustang. We all thought that was cool. Annette then asked him if he would be willing to get the one that shows he supports breast cancer. StB, being the lover of boobs that he is, told her that he would. In honor of Annette's boobs. We were all happy with his choice and told him so.

Annette told StB that she would even be nice enough to go to the dealer and place the order for it as the purchase was limited to breast cancer survivors. StB agreed.

A few weeks later, we are at the bar again when StB's new car is delivered. I guess in my dreams they deliver vehicles to bars at night.

StB goes outside and sees his new Mustang. Ten seconds later he comes storming back in. Not happy at all. We ask him what is wrong. He tells us to go outside and see for ourselves. We all walk outside.

Us girls, see the car and are all like, "Wow!! Cool!! How sweet is that car"

StB asks if we notice anything about the car. Anita said that she liked like Warriors in Pink tribute that is on the car. Annette and I agreed. It was very sharp.

StB then asks if we think there may be a bit too much pink. Us girls all say no. StB's voice gets all high and squeaky and asks if we think it is a bit much for a young (ok, almost middle-aged), single guy who has a reputation to uphold.

We all start laughing at him, even the guys. Ben told him that it showed his sensitive side. StB called bullshit.

When I woke up I wanted to tell StB that he should not do two things. 1. Never let Annette pick out his cars. 2. Get over it! It's for the boobs.

I had to Google the car this morning to see if I could find it. Nothing came to an exact match but this was close. You can see more pictures here

I don't know, I kinda like it. What do you think?? It could be all pink.