Monday, July 31, 2006

A Few Site Updates

I figured it was time to add a few new links to my site of blogs that I read and give some props out the authors. Go over and check them out.

1. Kris over at Stitch's Playground. Kris is 25 yr old gal from Ohio. She knows how to have fun and is going to finally graduate this summer (and has busted her butt to do it :)
2. Todd formerly of Viva LasVegass has moved back to Kentucky (we don't hold that against him) now titled 'Death wore a Feathered Mullet'. He always has something interesting to say.
3. Dad Gone Mad - You have to read him and laugh. He is a 36 year old dad of 'Artist Formerly Known As Barney’s Biggest Fan' and 'The Champ' and is married to 'Hot Wife'. Some of the antics with his kids are down right hilarious.

Update.... I would like to know who is getting to my site from the following searches....lazy bee wear your underwear inside your pants and see thru dd bras. I don't remeber ever writing about either but hey....

Sunday, July 30, 2006

I'm Still Here....

Hi all... Yes, I am still alive and kicking. I know if has been awhile since my last port. I was going to post earlier this week and was making some updates to my pc when, due to my own fault and carelessness, I was cleaning up my registry and deleted a wrong key and BAM, took out my whole freakin' pc. The good news, installing the programs seems to bring everything back. I did not lose data. The bad news I did not back up my address book and lost it! That pissed me off. I know no one emails address so I thankfully a couple of people have sent me emails in the past week that I can slowly build it back up. The part that is taking so freakin' long is trying to bring back my iPod without having to redo the whole thing. The sucky part of this is that when you have 27.9 gb of music (6857 songs), it takes a looonnnggg time to back that up. So what did I do, you ask. Logged into vpn and am in the process of downloading everything to my network drive at work. Hey, they have the space. Where else can I get 30 gb of space?? I will hopefully be able to delete it in the next day or so. I think that I will jut have to chunk it out a bit. This is just a slow process as the network is slow....

I should have more for you all in the next few days.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

On Vacation

So last weekend was my family reunion. We went to Appleton. Nice town. We left on Friday afternoon. It was hot up there. By mid afternoon it was in the upper 90's. After we got settled in, hubby and I hit the pool to do some swimming. It was nice as at that time we were the only two in the pool. We took advantage of that. After that we went to dinner with my parent and aunt and uncle. We had a good time.

Saturday dawned smokin' hot again. We went to the park where the reunion was held. There were about 80 people who attending this year. It was nice to see people who you only see at the reunions or funerals. If there wouldn't been a nice breeze out, I think we would have had several people go down from the heat.

After the reunion, we went back to the hotel. It was nice cuz almost everyone was staying at the same place. When we got to the pool, it was packed. So little by little, we waited for them to leave and took over their spots. After a couple of hours we had at least 50 people from our group in the pool. It was a blast. We had fun playing in the water with the kids. Throwing them, chicken fights, and the grand old game of "Marco Polo". The best part was after we had ordered some pizzas, hubby decide that he was done swimming so he changed back into street clothes. Yeah, that lasted all of 3 minutes. The first time he got up to get a beer, BAM! Kevin pushed him in the pool. Too funny. So he said WTF, and just stayed in the pool.

On Sunday, hubby and I left early and heading north to Keshena. We stopped for breakfast at the greatest restaurant for breakfast and then heading to the casino. We signed up the their weekly poker tourney. There were 61 people registered. Hubby went out in the mid 30's. I lasted a bit longer. Had a couple of good hands but was card dead for most of the day.It finally came to a point where I had to make a move. I got pocket 4's in late position. I raised 3 times the big blind. Another guy, who had checked went all in. I was pot committed and need to make a move, so I called. He had pocket A's. DAMN! Flop come A x x. Shit now I am really screwed. Turn comes the last A. Oh well. I went out at 18th. I did not feel bad losing to quad A's. I think I played ok, but too tight in the beginning. It was unlimited rebuys for the first two blind levels and after that you could add on. Some people rebought several times.

We headed home on Monday, but first made a stop for breakfast. Like we could not stop at the greatest restaurant on our way home. We had decided to leave rather early as there were some bad storms predicted for the area later on. I am sooooo glad we did. We were about 2 hours behind the mess that hit Sheboygan. We would have been stuck on the freeway forever.

The boys, or more specifically, Boomer was a beast most of the weekend and poor E will never dog sit again. I feel so bad that E had a rough time. The scary part is that Boomer is so much better than he was a month ago but is still bad. This housebreaking thing has been harder than with the other two. Granted they were babies and not 10 months old. One of the things I need to do today it clean the carpets.

This weekend has us heading off to another camping excursion. This time it is Yellowstone State Park. No not the one with the geyser but the one near Iowa. This one is a 3 niter. It should be fun. Look for some pictures and an update early next week.

It sucks that my vacation is half over. I could use another week, at least. Oh well....


Would you rather....

Live in a world without grass



I am going with roads. The world would be a grey and icky place without grass.

Have a good week everyone!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Getting You Caught Up

Hi all. I know it has been a long time since my last post. It seems like I just run out of time to do anything lately.

Work has been crazy busy. I am gearing up for our next software release on 8/20. It is a huge one. We are doing a total overhaul of one portion and testing is going to be a nightmare. The developers turned over some of the enhancements to us earlier this week so we can start testing. Since our of our teammates left a few weeks ago, I have been doing most of her stuff as well. My boss and I have been interviewing for the open spot on our team. I was very flattered that she asked me to sit in on the interviews. We had two people to interview so far. One who I have worked with in the past and is now is a job that he hates and is bored so his work not the best. He is a very technical person but lacks in the soft skills portion a bit. The other person has no technical skills but is very detailed and customer service orientated. It is hard to decide which one to choose. I wish we had another open FTE spot so that we could take both of them.

Boomer has been getting better each day. Yesterday the guy who is dog sitting for us when we are on vacation came over to 'meet' Boomer. The last time he dog sat for us, Rufus and Riley were just puppies (6-8 months old) and gave E a rough time. They had chewed up a piece of the carpeting. E felt sooo bad about it but it was the first or last time that had happened. Now they have grown up and are lazy dogs.

Big Brother All-Stars and RockStar: SuperNova are on. Most of you know that I am a reality show junkie. Beside, what else is there to watch on tv this time of year. I love Big Brother and hope that Janelle and Kaysar go far. I liked them from the previous season. Danielle started shit already the moment she walked in the door. Her and Allison need to go. I like Allison when she was on but she is out for blood this time.

RockStar:SuperNova has a guy from Guns 'n Roses, Tommy Lee of Motely Crue and Jason Newstad from Metallica. Last week, the guys were really soft on the singers. This week, they were out for blood. A couple of the girls really are bad and I can't believe that they did not get rid of Zaida this week. She has an attitude and sucks.

We went to Summerfest a few weeks ago. it was a fun time, except for the fact I was drunk by 6pm. Hubby was beating that I would not make 8pm. We got there about 4 and it was the 2 vodka lemonades at Big Momma's that killed me. They were way to strong. But yummy. I was kinda bummed that I did not get the chance to see David Lee Roth. StB gave him a good review.

Hubby and I are heading out of town for a few days. My family reunion is in Appleton this year. It should be fun to see everyone again. I am looking forward to hanging out around the pool afterwards than the actual reunion. I have stocked up on the wine. Should make for a fun time. Then on Sunday, we are heading up to Keshena for some gambling. It is a great little casino. It is about an hour outside of Gren Bay. If you are even in the area, stop in. We are going to play in a poker tourney and eat breakfast at this awesome little place called 'Farmin' on Main'. They have the cutest waitresses. They are all about 17 and are what you would call All American farm girls. I may even have something with man gravy on it... hehehe

Yesterday, on 'KLH, Dave and Carole were talking about an obituary of a guy from Richmond, VA. It is too funny. Click on the link to read it. I love the fact that he excelled at mediocrity and his life long loves were butter, bacon, cigars and bourbon. When I die, I want someone to write a witty obit like this for me. If you are to lazy to read it you can also listen to it here.

Earlier this week, I found out that one of my old bosses from when I first started at the help desk, killed himself last week. He did it by starting himself on fire. How horrific is that! What is really odd is that he was one of three people to do that (starting themselves on fire) in less than a week. He was a nice guy and he ended up getting fired for something that someone else did but he never did anything to prevent it so as the manager, he got canned as well. No fair but the right thing to do. That was 3-4 years ago.

Well, I think I have run out of things to say. Have a good week everyone and I will try to post more often. I know I have been a slacker.


Would you rather....

As a man have your testicles eaten off by a squirrel


your eyeballs pecked out by a bird??

Since I am a girl and don't have testicles, I really don't care which one happens. I had the laser eye surgery a few years ago so I would go with protecting the eyes.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Camping, part 2

Yeah, yeah, yeah..... I know..... It has taken me a week to get around to finding some time to finish the camping trip story. By now, most of you may know the outcome, but for the 7 readers who don't here it is..... bear with me as some of the details are a bit foggy. Correct me if there are any errors.....

After we get back to camp, everyone gets settled in and soon, our new 'friend', Bongo Boy, comes over, looking for a cigarette. We don't give him one. He is chatting it up with the men and us ladies are working on starting some dinner (ribs and 'taters, yummy!!) This is the part where I have now forgotten the order of things but in a nutshell... We send Bongo Boy away. Just before we eat, we notice that he is hanging out at the end of the driveway... kinda like he is waiting for us to invite him to dinner... we don't.

He then comes back after dinner looking for another smoke. J offers him her half smoked cigarette, he declines it. In the meantime, he goes over to J's mom and asks for a kiss. She says "NO!!!". By this time we are getting a bit pissed at the guy. At some point in time, he had done some mushrooms in front of the guys. Great, now he is on drugs as well. A, D and I walk up to the ranger station as this guy is starting to be a pain. The rangers know who we are talking about and say that he and his gal are homeless but have been harmless up until this point. The rangers go over and talk to them. All is well for awhile.

About a half hour later he is back. Looking for another smoke. Now we are starting to get pissed. It is getting dark outside and this guy is getting creepy. The guys give him a loop. Also known as a glow necklace so that they can see him and he isn't sneaking up on us again. By this time the guys are all starting to lose their patience with this guy. They are now standing by the vehicles, keeping him out of our site. A, D and I once again go to the ranger station and tell them that he is now getting more aggressive and creeping us out. They say that because they are homeless it is hard to kick them out as they end up just outside the park on the road or something. We tell the rangers that the guys seen him doing mushrooms. This changes things a bit. Now the rangers can have him arrested. The rangers tell us they need to discuss their options but will take care of it.

About 30 minutes later the rangers come over and tell us that they think that they are sleeping cuz, they (with the sheriff dept) have been staking out the site and have seen no activity. The rangers give us their cell numbers and ask that if we see him again to call them ASAP. For about the next 30-45 minutes all is well. Then, A goes to walk J's mom back to her site as she is going to bed (it is now close to midnite or so). Bongo Boy is following them and whispering to A and J's mom. Asking them if they are afraid and all sorts of other shit. A gets back and is livid. Bongo Boy is now at the end of his site and is flashing his flashlite on and off at our campsite. He is now saying shit like 'are we afraid to die' and 'are you scared of me'. A calls the rangers and tells them that Bongo Boy is back and is now getting downright scary. It takes the rangers less than 2 minutes to drive over and arrest him. The rangers come back afterward and tell us that he won't be back as they won't let him out of jail until Monday. Whew. That makes us happy. They tell us that they think the girl is still sleeping as no one has heard from her in a long time.

A little while later we see the rangers walking pat the site very quickly. I being the nosy type, go down to the end of the site by the road and see that Bongo girl is talking to the rangers a few sites down. Great, now do we have to worry about her as well. She comes back to the site, pokes around a bit and leaves. By this time, I am out of wine and tired. I go to bed.

In the morning, A and J, find out that Bongo Boy was stalking some campers at another site and had actually grabbed a girl earlier in the day. They never reported him until he started going to their site and being all creepy as well. Bongo Girl spent the morning packing up her stuff. They came in with a bicycle and a shopping cart. Some guy came with a pickup about 10:30 or so, loaded everything up and away she went. Yippee!!

When hubby and I were heading back home we seen Bongo Girl about 1/2 mile outside the campground on the side of the road. She was packing up all her shit (shopping cart included) into the back of another truck.

All in all, we still had fun and I have learned that 2 bottles of wine is not enough. I will need to double that for the next camping trip as it is a three niter...

If you would like to read another version of the story, check out Gambino's site. Remember, you will have to sing her's in the tune of Gilligan's Island. Gambino is much more wittier than I am.

I will try to catch you up on events of the past week, in the next few days. I think that I may need Stb to fill in a few blank spots from Saturday for me first. I seem to have misplaced a few hours.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy July 4th!! Happy 230th birthday America!!