Monday, September 28, 2009

Is It Spring Yet?

I'm not ready for the next 6 months. Today is a preview. It is cool, cloudy and blustery outside. I'm very much a summer gal. Give me the warm sun, gentle breeze, a cocktail and a ball game and I'm a happy camper. Screw the cold and snow.

Yesterday, we did the Susan G Komen walk for breast cancer in honor of Gambino. She is coming up on three years. This fact makes us all happy. You can still donate to a great cause from this link. I have a few pictures but need the time to get them off my camera and phone. I'll try to post later in the week. We had a great time during the walk. A fun way to spend a sunny Sunday morning. The Packer game afterwards at P & K's home was fun as well. Good times with good friends.

I have now developed a cold. I knew the sick guy at work would be sharing his germs with the rest of us. I'm planning on working from home until I feel better. No need getting anyone else sick. I'm very lucky to have that option.

Riley started his allergy shots today. Just like a person, dogs get allergies as well. He is allergic to dust mites and of all things, animal fur. Mainly, cats as I found out from the vet today. So he will be getting shots every 4 days for a few weeks and then start spacing them out a bit. Good news is that I can give him the shots after a few times. It doesn't looks too hard. The biggest thing is that he needs to be watched for about an hour afterwards to make sure he does develop a reaction to the shots. He may end up coming camping with me this weekend. He will like the time away from Boomer I'm sure.

That's about all I know for now.

~ Peace Out ~

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Fine Print

I don't get much mail. Other than utilities, I get most of my bills electronically.

Today I get a bill from Kohl's I have not used the card in quite some time but do so to keep it active. When I do use it I usually pay it off when I get the bill. I am probably one of the few people that will read the inserts with the fine print.

You know what I mean. It is the insert that companies stick in your statement that tell you of changes to your account.

Today I found out that:
  1. The late fee is now $29.
  2. They have an interest free option each month. You can make three equal; payments and pay your account off. When you do this you avoid any interest charges. May have to remember that if I need to make a big purchase there.
  3. The grace period is now 25 day. This is down from 31.
  4. The card has a variable rate. It is now prime plus 18.65%. WH-WHA-WHA-WHAT?? Holy crap. That mean that the current interest rate on this card is 21.9% That be some very pricey clothes if you carry a large balance.
  5. If you miss a payment, your interest rate now goes up to 24.65% plus prime. That is just freaking crazy. Now the prime rate in at 3.25%. It was not all that long ago that it was over 8%.
All I know if that If I have to charge something pricey at Kohl's I will be using my bank card which carries a nice low interest rate of 7.99%. It pays to read the fine print.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Swinging the Bat

As the baseball season begins to wind down (yeah, it makes me sad too), here is something to watch.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When I Go Walking

It is usually before midnight, but sometimes after...

You tend not to notice the things you pass when in a car. Walking gives you time to explore your surroundings and take notice of the little things.

I will walk almost everyday with the dogs. It is good for all of us. Depending on the weather, time of day and what is going on I will walk the dogs either the short route about a mile and takes 20 minutes or the long route about 1.75 miles and takes 45 minutes. The dogs like to explore as well so it takes longer to walk around the park.

Things I have notices this past week while walking are:
  • Lots of people are having their windows replaced or at least sticking the signs in their yard.
  • There are 2 trees in Greene park that are really pretty right now. The leaves are a vibrant red and orange. The rain today will probably make the leaves go away.
  • The house with the trashy yard now has a tarp over most of the front yard. I wonder if this is to avoid cutting the grass or avoid a ticket from the city. Still looks like crap.
  • One house put some new bushes along the driveway. They left the one that is dead and took out the other two that were living. Not sure why.
  • One house finally took down their Christmas decorations from last year.
  • Another house put some Christmas lights up. And did a lousy job at it.
  • One house had new siding put on. It really looks nice. I think they got a new front door as well. May have to stop and ask about where they got it.
  • One house really need to pick up the dog poo in the front yard. You can smell it 2 houses away. Even worse when it is warm out.
  • The city has a speed warning thingy up that tells you how fast you are going. Most people are going 35-40. Speed limit is 25.
What do you notice about your neighborhood??

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kind Words

I'm stealing this from Kris' blog. Thought it was a very nice passage. I will ty to think of this as I remember the family and friends who have passed on.

Pippin: "I didn't think it would end this way."
Gandalf: "End? No, the journey doesn't end here. Death is just another path... One that we all must take. The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass... And then you see it."
Pippin: "What? Gandalf?... See what?"
Gandalf: "White shores... and beyond, a fair green country under a swift sunrise."
Pippin: "Well, that isn't so bad."
Gandalf: "No... No it isn't."
-The Return of the King-

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Now She Should Rot in Jail

Note: This story contains a link to a very graphic story. When I first read this I was appalled at the gruesomeness of it. Be warned

In Ohio, a young woman who works in a Petland store took two rabbit and drowned them. To make it worse a co-worker recorded it and then she posted it on her Facebook page. She was charged with two misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty. I only wish they were felony counts.

You can read the story and see the video here.

I can't imagine why someone would hurt a defenseless animal. I have had several rabbits in the past. They are great pets and if treated well will make wonderful companions. My first bunny, George, loved to play fetch with an empty paper towel tube.