Sunday, June 25, 2006

Camping, Part 1

Well, camping this weekend was quite an experience. E and StB, you sure missed some excitement.... and no it was not hubby drinking almost the whole bottle of Captain's.

The weekend started off rather ordinary. We got up there on Friday afternoon and got settled in. The beer was flowing and poker was the name of the game. We had a nice game with the 10 of us playing and fun was had by all. We topped off the nite with a little trivia and some rain and some goof playing the bongos (aka Bongo boy).

Saturday, had hubby and I up kinda early. In our camper the beds are full size on both sides. Because we are both used to sleeping in a king bed we end up sleeping in our own beds when we camp. I awoke earlier than hubby did and rolled over.. and there is was!! RJ was standing at attention, poking his head from out of the leg opening of hubby's boxers. Of course it was my wifely duty to go take care of it. Which I did. After that we went on a bike ride around the lake and into Stoughton. We rode past the area that about a year ago was flattened by a tornado. What a nice job that was done rebuilding those houses. Considering that these people got no federal aid due to hurricane Katrina that hit two weeks later. Most of the homes were all rebuilt and people were starting on some landscaping. It still looked strange to see the older trees sheared off about 20 feet from the ground. On our way back we ran into a bit of rain and accumulated another Jack and Coke credit for later.

The afternoon , had us heading to the park/beach area for some bocce ball and a new toy, Helicopter man. Hubby proceeded to put the helicopter on top of the toilet house on his first try. Great. But Richard came to the rescue. Using his fishing pole, he was able to save the Helicopter from a life stranded on the toilet house. Unfortunately, that would be the most that Richard caught that day as the fishing was not so good. Storm clouds rolled in and we headed back to camp for a yummy BBQ rib dinner (great job, K). On the way back to camp, the couple across from us had asked where everyone was going in such a hurry. We told him (we now find out that he was bongo boy) that some storms were heading our way and we did not want to be out in it. Bongo boy and his lady were a bit odd at this point but, hey, to each his own...

Due to the time being late this evening and my ass is dragging ,part 2 will be updated tomorrow. Please check back for more then....

I have to post this Zob as I think it was fitting as we spent the weekend with some of our favorite friends.


Would you rather....

Be stranded on an island for two years with twenty friends of your choice


with a group of twenty famous people of your choosing?

I am going with my friends. We have an awesome group of friends and a few of them are very McGyver like and would be able to fashion anything we needed from whatever was found on the island to make the two years be much more comfortable.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Boomer Update

Boomer came thru his surgery with flying colors, minus a few body parts. He ended up getting a few of his baby teeth pulled as well. I get to pick him up tomorrow morning. I can't wait to see him again. I hope he has a good nite tonite. He has been in so many homes in the last couple of months. I just want to offer him a nice stable and loving home so that he can be the spunky puppy that he is.


Would you rather....

Be forced to watch the 'Sound of Music' continuously for 48 hours


drive cross country with Barry Manilow singing on the radio the whole way?

hmmm.... I will go with Barry Manilow. I can pretend that I am a Stevette once again, singing Copa. BTW, when is our reunion tour??

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Click, Click, Boom... or should I say Snip, Snip, Boom

I am writing this in between doing some work. Wednesday's are data load nites so, as the developer is putting elements in, I can validate them. Easy work tonite as it is a small load.

Well tomorrow is the big day. Boomer gets fixed. He is getting the old 'nads chopped off. While he is under the vet is going to pull a couple of baby teeth that have not fallen out and fix an umbilical hernia. I drop him off tomorrow and pick him up Friday morning. I have to admit it will be kinda nice to sleep without him barking at every little thing that goes bump (or fart) in the nite. But then I wil feel bad cuz after I pick him up I will be dropping him off at my parents with the other boys for a weekend at the grandparents. I just hope that he is a good puppy and doesn't cause to much damage.

I decided not to give blood today. I did not want to take the risk of passing out again.

Hubby and I went shopping to get stuff for camping tonite. $165 bucks later and most of it was booze. I did limit myself to only 2 big bottles of wine. Be warned guys that hubby has another big bottle of Captain's again....

Big Brother was on tonite. This year's theme is the All-Stars. They are bringing back a few of my favorites. Chicken George, Will and Janelle. The public gets to vote on who will come back into the house this year. Should be fun to watch as everything else is a rerun. I also kinda like Treasure Hunters. I would like to know where they find these people. I think that most of the teams were over thinking the clues. Maybe it was because I just happened to be wearing my Mount Rushmore tshirt on Sunday but, I had that part of it figured out right away.


Would you rather....

In your teenagers room, find a vial of cocaine


a gun?

I have to go with the coke. Both are not good things but, I think that there is less potential for harm from the drugs.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Giving till it Hurts....Teaching a New Dog Nothing

To give or not to give, that is the question. On Wednesday, my company has a blood drive. Do I give?? The last two times I gave blood, I passed out. Both times I was about 2/3 of the way thru the donation process when I got really warm and light-headed and BAM!! Out like a light. The sucky thing is that after you wake up, they make you drink soda. Regular Coke. I don’t drink soda that has caffeine in it. I get sick to my stomach from the sugar and caffeine. Then you have to explain to them why you feeling like hurling after drinking the soda, which means they want to keep you there longer, which in turn means I can’t get my work done. I think that I will not be donating again anytime soon. Maybe I will make some treats for those who do donate.

Boomer is getting more adjusted each day. He is getting better with the housebreaking. He no longer is whizzing in the house (that we can see/smell) but is having issues with the pooing. He has pooed in his cage the last few times he was in there. It will just take time. Thanks goodness for the carpet cleaning machine!! He has learned two new "tricks". He can now jump up on the kitchen table. He seen me put up one of the squeaky stuffed toys that needed some minor surgery on the table in the kitchen and sometime during the nite proceeded to get it off the table and rip most of the stuffing out of it and leave it all over the house. Then about 2:30 this morning he was trying to get into bed with Randy's plastic glass that was sitting on the end table between the two chairs in the living room. At least it was empty. I think he was looking for water as the water dish was almost empty. I am almost sure that he part cat. He kinda 'barks' like one even. He has learned to jump up on one of the chairs and hop over to the window ledge, which is about 9-10 inched wide. Same thing in our bedroom, he hops up on to the bed, hops over to the nightstand and then hops over to the window ledge.

We are camping this weekend at Lake Kegonsa State park. It is a really nice place. The bad thing is that every time we go there a tornado decides to go there before us. Last year, the tornado did a lot of damage and it was weird to drive around and see neighborhoods where all that was left was the foundations and driveways of houses. There was even a section where the road was ripped right from the ground. It sounds like the tornado that went thru Stoughton yesterday was a small one with minimal damage.


Would you rather....

Bite the curb and get kicked in the back of the head


get a paper cut on your eyeball?

Hmmmm... neither sound very appealing but am going with getting kicked in the head. I had the laser eye surgery a few years ago and hate to mess my eyes up now.

Have a good week everyone

Monday, June 12, 2006

Camping and a New Addition

I think I have finally recovered from camping. Damn, how can something so relaxing take so long to recover from. A good time was had by all even tho' the weather was a bit on the chilly side and rainy at nite. There is nothing better than sitting around a campfire, passing a bottle of Boones Farm. I wish I had a tape recorder to capture all the funny moments and the great comments made by everyone.

At this time I would like to announce a new member to our family. No, I am not having a kid. But a new puppy. His name is Boomer (that may change, any suggestions??) He is a 9 month old Yorkie. While camping, I ran into 2 girls at the bathroom. I was admiring their puppy and noticed a tick on his nose. As I was picking the tick off of him the girls wanted to know if I wanted him. I was a bit skeptical at first but after speaking to the parents and found that he was an abused puppy and has lived with 3 families in the last couple of months. The last family who had him couldn't keep him because they had to older dogs who just didn't like him. I guess that it was a guy who kicked him around. You can tell this as he is not so fond of men in general and follows me around like a shadow. He is a great little guy so far. Someone took the time to teach him to sit and play fetch. It took Rufus and Riley a while to get used to him but they seem ok now. We are working on the housebreaking and am getting him neutered next week. He also has never been to the groomer so he will be doing that as well next week. Look back for more pictures after he gets all gussied up.

Left to right.... Rufus, Riley and Boomer.

Not much else to talk about today.


Would you rather....

Run (no walking) a half marathon in wooden shoes


bike two hundred miles with no seat, just the post sticking up?

I have to go with the running. I figure that I ride about 15-16 miles an hour, with breaks. That would mean at least 15 hours that I would be riding. I could probably run 3-4 miles an hour. A half marathon is only 13 miles. 4 hours, tops!

Have a good week everyone!!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Dentyne-ism.... A Correction...and stuff...

More Dentyne-isms.... some funny, some not so funny.

#70 – Whenever someone says “Fire at Will,” does Will get a royalty check??

#96 – Making the bed: Not fun. Messing it up again: Fun

#116 – Replacing someone’s parachute with a bag of canned goods is not funny. Ok, it is.

#131 - Why is it that the more you spend of dinner, the hungrier you are when you leave the restaurant?

I have to post a correction about Monday's post. K did the 65 miles ride and ended up going 72 miles because she got lost. She also wants to make it know that she was only following my hubby on Sat. That'll teach her to follow him again. I should have warned her that he is bad with directions....

I was at the grocery store yesterday and seen a bumper sticker. PETA – People Eating Tasty Animals. I love it. Now most of you know that I am an animal person and am all for the humane treatments of them but some animals are meant to be eaten. We are carnivores. We eat meat. I also like my leather jackets, shoes, belts, etc...

Group camp is this weekend. I am looking forward to getting away and drinking. I have stocked up on wine, beer, and bloody Mary fixin’s. I made a trial run of the Tabouli that I will be making. Not too bad, considering it was the first time I made it. Don't worry folks, I will have my standard guac and salsa available as well, just in case.....Hopefully, this year I can enjoy the whole weekend and not spend half of it hungover and trying not to hurl. At least this year it won’t be smokin’ hot out like the last two years. It should be fun to see what games Connie has devised.

There is a cemetery that I drive past every day on Capitol Drive. It is a big place. Every so often I see the same couple of people, it appears that it is two older women and sometimes a small child who are visiting someone and the have a little table set up and it looks like they are having a picnic. It is really kinda sweet.

Tomorrow is the last day for one of my teammates. She will be missed!! I can't fault her for leaving. We are in a group that has very high visibility in the company and it can be very stressful at times. I am taking over most of her work on software releases and have a feeling that the summer is going to suck as I will be putting in lots of hours.


Would you rather...

be on vacation with your 60-year old parents and have your mom insist on wearing a thong bikini


have your dad insist on weraing a tiny, Euro-style bikini bathing suit?

WOW!! Neither are all that appealing but will go with my dad as he is a thin guy and could pull it off better than my mom could. No offense, mom!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Trek 100 Recap

On Saturday, hubby and I rode in the Trek 100. Our friend, K, rode with us. So here is a recap of the day in a timeline format.

5:00 am - Wake up and take a shower, let the dogs out and get water bottles, etc ready.

6:15 am - Meet K at the park and ride. She is going to follow us out to WCTC.

7:00 am - arrive at WCTC. Go inside, drop off donations collected and look at stuff to buy. K registers for the 37 mile ride.

7:15 am - get back to truck and unload bikes and get stuff ready to go. Put a map in the back of my jersey. Hubby and K leave there maps behind.

7:40 am - head up to where all the action is. See the racing sausages and listen to a speech by Jon McGlocklin.

7:45 am - first few waves of 100 mile and 100k riders leave the starting gates. We watch and admire the bikes. Try to figure out where the girl who had a pink bike like mine got her pink carbon water cages. I have to get me some of those.

8:15 am - the crowd has thinned out so we decide to leave. It is about 9.5 miles to the first rest stop.

8:25 am - make a turn at one of the streets and notice that all the arrows on the pavement are blue. Our route is supposed to have green arrows. SHIT!! Pull over in a neighborhood and look at the map. I think we are ok. We will just follow the other riders for now and see what happens.

9:00 am - we hit the first rest stop. Go to the bathroom, put on more sunscreen and grab a snack. I find out that those power bars are icky. Check the big map on the wall and find out we are going in the right direction. It starts out that all routes are blue until the split off. WHEW!! Next rest stop is about 6.5 miles.

9:30 am - get to the next rest stop. See an art gallery that has cool prints of the ride for 15 bucks. Make a mental note to stop back and get one. Pee and fill up the water bottles. Realize that my map must have fallen out of my pocket. No big deal. Check the big wall map. Next rest stop is about 9 miles away. Hubby and K are stronger riders so they get ahead of me. I am alone. Thank goodness that I have my iPod to listen to. Gaze at some really nice houses along the way. Think that I need about 3 more jobs to afford these houses.

10:10 am - get to 3rd rest stop. It is at a bar. Pee again and chat with hubby and K. The next rest stop is only 4 miles away and they are going to go ahead of me. I will catch up.

10:35 am - A couple of killer hills. Damn, they were hard. Realize that I have not seen another rider in a long time and damn, this road is really rough. Think to myself, that this is a bit strange. I should have been to the rest stop by now, it was only 4 miles away. Maybe 20 minutes, tops! Round a curve and realize that I am now on Hwy 83 and Hwy 16. Think to myself once again that this is very odd that they put us on such a busy road. FUCK!! now I am sure that I am not going the right way. Ride this down a bit to the Mobil station and call K. Thank goodness I have a cell phone. I am now pissed. I have no map, no clue as to where I am.

10:45 am - Kim calls back. Her and hubby are lost as well. WTF?!?! How did they get lost?? They give me directions to get back to where they were about 1/4 of a mile down the road. Hubby has to portage my bike over this rough terrain and railroad tracks. Somehow we end up on another route. Great - how much futher do we have to go. I am still pissed that I got lost. But think it is funny that hubby and K made the exact same mistake that I did. Since the 37 mile ride did not 'officially' start until 9:30, we think that they just did not have the intersection staffed yet as that was about 1/2 thru the ride. The rest of the route was very well marked and had people staffed at every intersection showing you the right way to go.

11:00 am - Stop at the next rest stop. Figure out that we are now on the 20 mile route and have about 7 miles to go. Thank God we are now on the right track.

11:30 am - get back to WCTC. Pee. Get our socks, eat, get a few (ok, 9 or 10) beers from the Delafield Brewhouse stand. Yummy Blonde honey beer. Buy a shirt, drink more beer. K then discovers that she has been wearing her sports bra inside out all day. Too funny. What a ditz.

1:30 pm - K leaves. She has to go go help her hubby 'cut wood'. Hubby calls P, K's hubby. Tells him that K may be home if she doesn't get lost again. Recap the story for him.

3:00pm - Realize that if we want to go the the Admirals game tonite that we need to leave so that we can get home, nap, shower and get downtown, by 7. We went to the game and seen a losing effort. The best part was after the game was over, one of the Admirals totally clocked a guy from the other team. Why?? Who knows. They got their butt's kicked. Go into the locker room and figure out how to do better next week.

All in all the ride was a great time and will do it again next year. With the company matches I raised over $650. Thanks to everyone who donated money and if you pledged a per mile fee, I need 3 more bucks per mile. Just kidding. It was my fault that I got lost.

Next ride... Janesville Rotary Club's Pie Ride. How cool is that?? You get a long sleeved tshirt and a pie when you finish. We are doing the 30 mile ride for that one. You can bet that we will all have maps and phones on that one.

As a side note - this is at least the 4th or 5th ride (that she will admit to;) that K has gotten lost on. This is why the story is so funny. The very first ride we did with her last summer, we rode 25 miles with her hubby and she did the 45 mile ride or should I say almost 55 miles by time she got lost and back on the right track. A few of you may also remember a few weeks ago when she met us out at Bong for camping and got 'lost'.

No ZOBMONDO today. This post is long enough. Have a good week folks!