Thursday, June 28, 2007

Updating my Site

I am making a few changes to my site. Mostly just adding and removing some links on the side.

I removed the link to Whisky Ponders Thoughts. N has not updated her site in over 6 months so, she is being dropped.

Check out the new ones...

PostSecret. This is a site where people send in postcards with their secrets on them. It is updated only once a week and is very interesting.

Dad Gone Mad - Here you can read about life at Evans World Headquarters. Life with Dad, Hot Wife, The Champ and the Artist Formerly Known as Barney's Biggest Fan. I have no words to describe how funny the site is but Danny is a fantastic writer.

King of the Cubicle - Also written by Danny of Dad Gone Mad fame. This site chronicles life in a cube farm. I am pretty sure he has been lurking in the empty cube in my row and writing about us. Way too funny. Anyone who works in an office can relate. Make sure you go back and check the archives out.

Life is Grand, Love is Real and Beauty is Everywhere - Authored by Scott from Toronto. Music lover, dad to cute puppy Gordie, and I can't forget his Freaky Friday Question, always entertaining. Want to know more - go check his site out.


Would you rather....

Have to walk to the end of your driveway nude everyday to get your mail


Have you spouse walk to the mailbox in the nude?

For those of you who know my hubby, I think that you will want me to say that I'll walk in the nude. Plus, my boobs are fabulous.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Great Campout

Another absolutely fantastic weekend of camping has passed. It was group camping weekend at Bong.

The weather was perfect.... sunny.... warm during the day... cool in the evening... and no bugs (except for the ones in J's hair).

It was a very relaxing weekend surrounded by wonderful friends. We missed one of the regulars, StB, who thought that it was more important to go to Vegas and play poker than to play with us.... We missed you. No one else could tend to the fire like you can and the cheese just wasn't the same.

On Saturday, K and I teamed up to kick everyone's butt, at least once, in washers. A game that K said she never played before. I don't think that people believed her. At one point we played Ken and I forget who else and beat them by throwing3 times each. If I recall, K's first round was 6, my first round was 3, K had 6 in the 2nd round and I had 6 more to win the game. The guys didn't know what hit them. Blue UV and Mountain dew and wine will make you into awesome washers players.

After the fun and games, A, K, B and I went to the theater area to see a K-9 Search and Rescue demonstration. It was really interesting. The dogs were really great as well. The blue doberman was such a sweety.

When we returned, the guys had started preparing dinner. I have to give hubby credit. He can make diced potatoes rather well. A, on the other hand, made the weekend mascot. Mr Potato Head. He spent the rest of the weekend drinking Hamms and Jack, eating Pringles and Spam and tending to the fire. Kinda like an StB substitute. Except Mr. Potato Head didn't answer every trivia question with "My Balls!"

Mr. Potato Head relaxing

And for those of you who may remember last year's group camp, 'No, I did not come home with a new puppy'. It was 1 year ago since we adopted Boomer from the group camp last year. It has been a fun year with him and I thank God every day that we rescued him from the life he was in and now lives a life of leisure.

One of the best parts was that by time we got home, my dad had finished installing the flooring in our bedroom. We now have new hardwood floors in the living room, hallway and our bedroom. I just have to finish up staining the doors, putting all my clothes back in the closet and getting the bed put back together. Next room will be the family room. That won't be until fall sometime so we can save up some cash. Have to remember to make sure Dad get a really nice Father's Day gift this year. He did a fantastic job.


Would you rather...

As a man, accidentally lose control of your bowels during a prostrate examination


get an erection during a hernia check?

Going with the erection. I would think that would happen fairly frequently. Also less messy to clean up.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the people who sponsored me in my efforts. With your help, I raised over 650 bucks. The Trek website doesn't reflect the donation I dropped off on Saturday morning but when it does, I'll make sure to link to it again.

Well, we survived the Trek100. We did the 32 mile route and clocked in at about 3 hours. That included stopping at the rest stops and waiting for K to pee. You would think that she and Arnie are related as often as they have to pee....

The ride was not too bad. A couple of tough hills but nothing that I couldn't handle. P had a rough start with having two flat tires within 15 minutes of each other. We got to know Jason, the Trek apparel/sag guy very well.

The weather started out a bit shaky as a few showers went thru the area before the ride started. We left about 8:30 or so to avoid the Lance mess. You know it was never good when you see all the news helicopters flying above. It was cloudy most of the ride until about the last 8-9 miles or so. Then it became really nice out. A quick shower went thru again after we got back to WCTC and were ready to eat lunch but that also passed quickly.

The afternoon was spent with good friends and co-workers enjoying the weather and the company. Oh yeah... can't forget the great Delafield Brewhaus beer. The Dock Light Lager was yummy.

Here is a picture of K and I at one of the rest stops.

Thanks again for your sponsor ship and if you want to still donate, you can do so until early July. Go to my previous post and click on the link.