Monday, August 31, 2009

Keep your Hands to Yourself

Not sure how nuts this guys is but you really have to be desparate to feel up Minnie Mouse at DisneyWorld.

You can read all about it here.

Must be a furry fetish.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back in the Saddle

I'm glad the past few weeks are over. The combination of my dad being sick and eventually dying, my dad's sister, his niece and my sister and top it off with work have left me emotionally drained.

My dad's funeral went as well as could be expected. Basically my dad's sisters and other on his side of the family ignored my mom and sister and then dumped their crap on me. I almost decked a cousin for saying something at the cemetery that left me fuming. I don't think I have ever been that angry with someone before. EVER!! At this point it is basically good riddance to them!

I'm looking forward to getting away a week from now. Heading out camping for a week. Should be fun. I am stocking up on books now. Ok, not really stocking up but I organized my basement a bit this past weekend and found that I have about 100 books that I have purchased and have yet to read. Must get my butt in gear. Or stop going to the bookstore. What is amusing is that I have not purchased a book since March. The library is keeping my reading list stocked.

With the cooler weather and all the rain my grass needed attending to. I had just cut it last Sunday and it really should have been cut on Friday. I was too lazy to hunt down the big garbage bags so I didn't bag the clippings like I normally do. Maybe I'll get ambitious and rake them up this week... or not. The flipping weedwacker, that I bought like 2 months ago, broke. Somehow the head part of it came off. I'm really lucky I didn't get hurt as it went flying like 15 feet when it flew off. I need to see if I can get someone to take a look at it and figure out how to fix it (hint, hint Ben or Barney)

I got the truck cleaned up for the camping trip as well. Vacuumed and shampooed the floor mats and carpet. I really should get a new floor mat for the driver side. It didn't want to come clean and there is a spot that is wearing thin. But it is all nice and armor all'd and smells good. I'll go get it washed this next week.

I have been playing a bit more poker online the past week or so. Trying to get back into a rhythm for when we go to the casino in Iowa. I have not played live poker for quite awhile now. Not that online is the same but it still is better than nothing. I did fairly well. Saturday I cashed in 5/6 games for a net profit of almost 50 bucks. Today not as well as I took a first in one game but failed to cash in the other two.

Well, it is time to hit the road. I have been starting work at 6 am this past week. 4:30 comes around mighty early. Good thing is that my 4:00pm meeting that was every day has now been scaled back to Tuesdays and Thursdays so I can get out of work at 3 or so.

~peace out~

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Personal Responsibility

Got back from Boomer's 3rd obedience class. Sometimes he is really good and other times, terrible. He started out well and the dogs that are in an agility class came into the building and he went ballistic. After he calmed down, he was somewhat ok the rest of the class. I'm not sure who is more tired, him or me.

With my dad in the hospital and probably not ever coming home I told my sister once again that she would have to start paying for things at the house. She was pissed about that. I asked her why should dad pay for cable, phone, etc. that he is not using. She got all huffy with me again and said that she has to pay for food and toilet paper and such. WH.. WHA.. WHAT??? Ummm, yeah, you need to also pay for the food you eat and the paper you use to wipe your ass. When My dad was living there, he wasn't eating much solid food anyway so it wasn't like he was costing her $200/week in food.

She brought up the fact that when my mom moved out, she left the dog. There are also 11 kittens in the barn (hint, if anyone wants a kitten, they are cute. I can post/send pictures) Why should she have to pay for feeding those? I told her to get rid of them then if she didn't want to pay for their food and upkeep. That made her once again angry that I would suggest that she gets rid of their pets. Her rational... the kids like them. My rational... then pay for their existence. If you can't afford them, get rid of them. I know it may be a hard decision but, hmmm... cats or food for the kids. Your choice, sis!

I guess I just don' get why some people think that they deserve something that they did not earn or work for. Why should she live there and not pay utilities and such. I have to pay for them where I live. I'm pretty sure most of you have to pay for utilities and your mortgage and such. I'll also bet that most of you also have jobs to pay for these things. She says she can't work because she has the kids to take care of. Once again, WH.. WHA.. WHAT??? Give me a freakin' break. I know there are millions of single moms who work and have kids to take care of. She is not unique.

We talked about this topic a bit this past weekend at camping. I have worked since I was 16. I payed for my own cars, insurance and once I moved out, my own rent. I had to pay for my own schooling as well. I only went to college for a year and a half. I still to this day regret not staying in school and getting a degree but sometimes there are other priorities in life.

Bottom line is I think that after my dad passes, she will find herself in a big hurt. The house will get sold and she will have to move. Maybe it is time for her to grow up and learn to stand on her own two feet for a change. She is setting a bad example for her kids. To learn the same kind of "the world owes me" kind of attitude that she has.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Random Thoughts

I'm sure you all think I forgot about my blog. Between Facebook and Twitter I end up neglecting the blog a bit more than I want. It seems that by time I get home to write about something, 42 other people have already blogged, facebooked and tweeted about the event.

I love the story about the four women who tied up the guys after they found out he was seeing all of them. Best part is that they glued his dick to his stomach. Bet he don't cheat on any future girlfriends/wives.

Spent the past weekend camping. I barely survived StB's smelly flatulence that woke me from a dead sleep in the camper. Mustard Fest was, as always, interesting. Not much to do other than sample the mustard custard (not as bad as you would think, but not very good either) from Culver's and try my hand at the ring toss around some mustard bottles (not a winner). I think everyone was more than happy to leave that and head to Lucky's for beer and root beer float shots. I like the schedule we have for camping for this summer. It is about every 3 weekends that we go. Perfect time for me to rejuvenate.

Thought it was funny, when I got my credit card bill in the mail today. It was for $.35. Yep, 35 whopping cents. I bought a song off of iTunes a few weeks ago and didn't have enough in my account so it goes to my card. If I miss the payment, I will have to pay the $1 finance charge. Isn't that almost like a 300% penalty for being late?? What a crock. At least I pay it online and not waste a stamp on it.

Speaking of stamps, when did the price go up? I mailed some bills out for my dad last week. Good thing I stuck my address label on it as they came back marked insufficient postage. I was still trying to use up my Christmas stamps. I can't remember the last thing I actually did mail that I didn't pay for the postage online and print a mailing label for.

Have a good rest of the week all.

~peace out~