Thursday, March 29, 2007


I work with a woman who is a Hurricane Katrina survivor. Z and her husband lived in New Orleans and left during the hurricanes in 2005. She sent me some pictures at work of their home and it was a sight that was almost hard to believe. They had a nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath brick home in a typical suburban neighborhood. You can see where the water had risen to the top off the doors and then fell about 2 feet and it must have stayed there for a few days before it drooped another 2 feet. It was hard to believe what you were seeing. What was really strange is that nothing was disturbed. The water rose and when it receded it left things just as they were. Things on the counters and tables look untouched. It was weird.

Because the damage was so severe they ended up abandoning their home of almost 30 years and moving to Dallas. They were lucky because their home was paid for so they didn't end up paying a mortgage on a home that they will never live in again but still....

They are adjusting well and are making a new life in Texas but she still misses home. When she was up here a few weeks ago, she was tickled by the fact that we had a southern style seafood restaurant called Craw Daddy's. She loved it and said that it reminded her of home.

It was refreshing to see that they rose above the disaster and forged a new life in another state and made the best of thing.


Would you rather be know as cheap


a cry baby??

I guess I would rather be known as a cry baby. Have a good weekend everyone...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Why Does Everyone Who Drives a Minivan....

... drive like a complete idiot. I swear to God that I have run into more idiot drivers driving minivans this past week. They are always in the left lane doing 4 miles per hour under the posted speed limit. They are driving me up a wall. More than half of them will be talking on a cell phone as well. They should just wear a neon sign that says, "I'm an idiot, pull me over!!" Can we ban minivans?? Please!!

The weather up until today has been fantastic around here. The past two days it has been in the upper 70's, low 80's. I was able to get out on my bike and ride. What a great feeling that was. I even have some tan lines on my legs from my bike shorts. My ass and thighs are a bit sore tho'

While riding I did notice quite a large number of dead animals on the side of the road. It is that time of year. I was very surprised at the deer carcass tho' It was nothing more than a skeleton but it was in an odd location along side the road just off to the side of someones driveway. Kinda in a lawny type of area. The only thing I could think of was that it was hit by a plow and buried in the snow drift. Otherwise why would the home owner not move it away from the driveway... kinda gross to look at.

Work still sucks and I am finally starting to put my resume together. I will throw it out on a couple of sites and send to a head hunter that I have used in the past. Hopefully something will pan out from it. I am getting tired of doing the work of 3 people in the same amount of time and not getting paid for it.


Would you rather...

every day for a year, have to either wear the same pair of unwashed underwear


the same pair of unwashed socks?

Not even close - I would wear the socks. The underwear would get a bit gamey after about the 5th day... and when you get your period... forget it...

Talk to you all soon!

Monday, March 26, 2007


New ones in red....

#1 - Take the path less traveled (but bring plenty of underwear.)
#4 - Why don’t aliens ever kidnap normal people?
#7 - Tall people may be taller, but they always get rained on first.
#12 - If all else fails, hit the ground and start flailing.
#14 - The beauty of a vibrating phone goes beyond silence.
#18 - Beauty is in the eye of the forgiving.
#19 - Don’t date someone who says they need to be “selfish right now"
#22 - Whoever said the chase is half the fun has never been caught.
#26 - Love is blind, but lingerie is still a good thing
#27 - Why is “abbreviated” such a long word?”
#28 - Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii?
#31 - How long a minute is depends on which side of the bathroom door you’re on.
#32 - All signs point to yes.
#34 - For a more intense workout, whack a beehive with a bat.
#38 - How is it that every movie that comes out is “The Best Movie of the Year”?
#41 - Why don't fortune cookies give actual fortunes anymore
#70 - Whenever someone says "Fire at Will", does Will get a royalty check??
#81 - Mint is said to be a good mouse deterrent. You’re on your own against hyenas.
#85 - If you’re scared, just whistle. If that doesn't work, run.
# 90 - Just when you thought all hope was lost, along came the Macarena.
#91 - Beware of anyone who overuses the word "paradigm"
#92 - Why do people call their advice “two cents” when it’s usually worthless
#95 - Picking a scab early may leave a scar, but it sure is fun.
#96 - Making the bed: Not fun. Messing it up again: Fun
#101 - Why do all unusual meats taste like chicken?
#102 - If you aren't tall, rich, or smart, then funny may be your best shot.
#104 - If your life had a soundtrack, would it be played by and orchestra or a band of accordions?
#111 - The scenery was nice, but the road was a little curvy
#113 - There's no monster under the bed. He's in your closet tonight.
#116 - Replacing someones parachute with a bag of canned goods is not funny. Ok, it is.
#117 - A first date is not the place to mention you've done time.
#121 - Life is like the protective cup a man wears when playing sports, sometimes it gets sweaty and uncomfortable, but if you get kicked in the nuts you are glad you didn’t forget to wear it.
#127 - Happiness is a brand new pack of Dentyne Fire
#131 - Why is it that the more you spend of dinner, the hungrier you are when you leave the restaurant?
#132 - Making faces in the mirror is one of life's great secret pleasures.
#135 - Why do bad guys always flee upstairs to the roof.
#136 - Much worse than tennis elbow is video game butt.
#138 - Instead of saying cheers, make something up and say it's foreign.
#142 - Don’t cut the pineapple with the a broken knife, or the knife will turn into Woodstock ‘69
#147 - Everyone practices one-upmanship. But I am better at it than you.
#152 - Want to see the world? Just look down. That’s it right there.
#154 - Think about this, EVERYONE thinks they look good then they leave the house
#156 - You can't really call TV characters at phone numbers that begin with "555"
#158 - Surfing used to be done in the water. Now it's done mostly at work.
#159 - Open your eyes when you kiss - if you get caught, what can they say?
#160 - I dare you to chew a few pieces of Dentyne Ice and then drink some very cold water
#161 - Corduroy underwear: Never had a chance.
#162 - Try this: To get someone to keep talking - nod your head and say "Really?" a lot.
#163 - If a candy bar says "Now with real chocolate" what were you eating before?
#168 - Sticks and stones may break my bones, but rug burn really hurts.
#169 - The muumuu has yet to realize its full potential as a fashion trend
#171 - My vacuum cleaner is dusty - what should I do?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Really Hate....

.... the new Blogger. I always have a hard time logging into the new Blogger with my Google account even though they have the same exact password. Half the time I am reading someones blog and want to comment but I can never get logged in so I give up and don't leave a comment.

Does anyone else have this issue or am I just a complete moron??

American Idol has got some issues this season. Tonight, America sent Stephanie home. I was shocked. She did really well and was one of the better singers. I can't figure out why Sanjaya has not gone home yet. He sucks every week. Ok, I know that there is a site out there that wants you to vote for the worst singer but this is crazy. I think that either Melinda, Lakeisha or Jordin will win this year. They are all great singers and are so much better than everyone else.

While on the reality show subject. I was pissed that Rob and Amber got kicked off the Amazing Race last week. They made the show so interesting and I liked them both. the midget team has to go. They both have such irritating voices and it makes me want to scream.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Where did Those Come From??

I was just watching American Idol and Kellie Pickler was on. Where did she get those boobs?? I think that was what Ryan was alluding to when he asked her what she bought... boobs not shoes. girl.

and her hair looked way too old for her... almost like some granny hair. Not very flattering.

No, I haven't....

.... fallen off the face of the earth.

I know it has been awhile since my last post. It has been busy at work and I have had no ambition.

We went to a wedding a few weeks ago. It was a blast. They had a photo booth (think just like the ones you used to see in KMarts years ago) for people to take pictures in. It was a riot. You sure got some scary pictures. That was a really cool idea to get people doing something other than drinking. Congrats to Kristi and Ray!!

My mom has been undergoing a bunch of tests over the last couple of weeks. Next Wednesday, she will be having a valve replaced and a triple bypass done. She is pretty upset about it. and scared. She just retired last June and this is not how she wanted to spend her 'golden years'. Hopefully everything works out ok and she'll be back to good by summer.

Hubby's uncle died last weekend. Up until just before Christmas he lived with hubby's sister, C, since before their mom died. He had been diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago. It finally got the best of him. Remind me sometime to tell ya some stories about that situation... due to some questionable readership of my site, no stories will be told here. RIP Jim...

I need to give a few shouts out. Happy birthday to Gambino!! I won't reveal her age but she is older than me (but not by much). We will have to get a gathering together for our birthdays soon.

Also what to let people know about Kris. She is participating in a triathlon this fall for Team in Training. TIT (yeah.. insert your giggles here) supports the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She needs to raise lot so cash, so stop over and donate a few bucks. Every dollars helps. I know that I still have to donate as well but I have been lazy and need to pick up the form from work so that my company will match my donation.

Work has been crazy. My new boss is getting a bit better but there are still days when she jut doesn't get it. I really need to get off my ass and get my resume together. Anyone in need of a computer geek?? One of our teammates, K, is in MN. Well as of today she moved to another team (yippee!!) and we got a girl that is here in our location. J is a great girl. Young but good. It will be nice to not have to wonder if K can make it into work for our morning meeting. She lived like 10 minutes from work and at least 3 days a week she was calling in for our 8:15 meeting from home. You can't get your ass out of bed in time to get to work by 8?? WTF?? I am up and at work with a 45-50 minute commute by 7 am each day. Her attention to detail was not very good either. It will be nice to not have to pick up after her.

Well, time to wrap it up for now. You all are probably bored by now. Talk to ya all later.


Would you rather....

Get caught by your spouse, in bed with your lover


get caught by the press, embezzling money from the charity over which you preside?

that is a tough one but the press attention will only last until a better story comes along. Losing the respect and trust of your hubby would not be forever and not worth it.