Thursday, April 27, 2006

Worst Song... Personal Responsibility.... and more

I see that Steve has a music theme going today and I will expand on it a bit more. has an interesting article this week. The article is about the worst song of all time. Here are the top five as voted on by readers.

5. Seasons in the Sun – Terry Jacks – 1974. This song does not bother me so I have no opinion either way
4. I’ve Never Been to Me – Charlene – 1982. We don’t want to go to you either… Not even sure I know this song and will not waste the 99 cents to download it from iTunes
3. You Light Up My Life – Debby Boone – 1977. Pretty bad …. not much else to say about that
2. Muskrat Love – The Captain and Tennille – 1976. It is bad enough that we have to deal with Muskrat hair let alone listening to that get some lovin’. Sorry to all for the bad visual. Hope you weren't eating.
1. You’re Having My Baby – Paul Anka – 1974. Pretty much anything by Paul Anka is bad.

I notice that most of these are from the 70’s. Coincidence… I think
not… What do you think the worst song ever is? Muskrat
Love is up there but I have to go with Macarena by Los Del Rio. The only
time it is fun is when you are really drunk at a wedding and watch all the other drunk people try to dance to it.

Pop Quiz: What song is the following lyrics from? Hint: I remember being about 6 or 7 and being at my cousin's house, swimming. Now whenever I hear it, it reminds me a warm, sunny summer day.
My motto's always been when it's right it's right. Why wait until the middle of a cold dark night. When everything's a little clearer in the light of day. And we know the night is always gonna be here anyway.

I was watching the news tonight and see a clip about a woman who died from carbon monoxide poisoning. She had her electricity shut off on April 17th due to a $9000 bill. $9000 freaking bucks. How long was she not paying for?? Shit... My gas/electric bill is about 110 bucks a month. It would take me almost 81 months or over 6 years to rack up a bill for that much. If you haven't paid your electric is the last 6 years there are other issues. The family was mad that the utility had to turn her electricity off. WHY?? I guess the thought of personal responsibility is is just that a thought. Not something that you should actually live your life by...sighhhhhh... I just don't get it.....

Hubby has been gone on business for a day and a half now. It has been just a really relaxing time. No need to make sure he has something to eat and no picking up after him. I kinda wish he could be gone a bit longer but oh well... back to reality tomorrow when I pick him up at the airport. Have to talk to his boss to see if he can arrange for hubby to travel more often.


Would you rather....

On a first date, wear a t-shirt that says, "I'm With Stupid"


a t-shirt that asks, "Who Cut the Cheese"?

Have to go with the cheese shirt. I would wear it in honor of E.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Speedy Weekend... Falling over (not me)... Survivor

Well, here it is another Sunday evening. The weekend flew by. Friday, played cards... not much to talk about there, so will leave it at that. Hubby and I stayed out a bit late tho' and next thing I knew it was 1:30ish and time to go. I was feeling no pain. There was a koala sighting at Big Mamma's and boy the zoo must be feeding their animals well. That was one stuffed shirt.

Saturday dawned a bright and sunny day. We had to be up early so we could wish our favorite bike dude, Jesse, a farewell. He was promoted and is now the store manager at the Fox Point Wheel & Sprocket. Heaven forbid we don't make a stop in at the store to just 'browse' and see what we may need. Got some yard work done and went to my folks to get the camper ready for our first trip in a mere 4 weeks from now! I can't wait to go.

Today we went on a club ride with P&K. We did 30 miles. It was a nice ride except for the wind. It seemed like no matter which direction we went, the wind was in our faces. A bit sore now but it is a good sore. The best (and funniest) part was shortly after we got to the park were we all met. Hubby and I had got the bikes all set up and were going over to where everyone else had gathered. We stop on the outside of the group and BAM!!! over goes hubby. Flat on the ground. K and I could not stop laughing. It was beautiful. The worst part is that he was not even clipped into his pedal with his left foot. He just forgot to put it down! Everyone (25 people) just looked at him and said, 'yeah, it will happen' and just smiled as they knew they have all fallen at one time or another. So, I would like to make sure that anyone who sees or talks to hubby over the next few weeks give him a hard time about falling over. Steve, this is why helmets are needed. Keep us from hurting our brains when we fall over.

Hubby is going to be out of town later this week for a few days for work. yippee!! I am looking forward to him being gone. I can get some stuff done around the house that I hate doing when he is around. Last time he went out of town I painted the family and living room. I tend to be a bit anal when painting and he is not as 'careful' as I am.... so we have learned the hard way that it is better if I do it by myself. Otherwise I just end up re-doing his work anyway.

Finally watched last week's Survivor episode. Bruce was sent to the jury (hopefully) after he needed to be medi-vaced out. That is another week that I don't win any cash but am still in it.


Would you rather....

Walk the stairs to the top of the Sears tower while carrying a 40-pound backpack


with a large pebble in each shoe?

I have to say the backpack. I think the weight would be easier. To walk that many steps you would need to have feet that aren't sore.

Have a good week all!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Back in the Saddle Again... Free Fallin' Jam

Well, once again I will try and link to Dave. I swear tho' if he deletes his blog one more time. Never again will I link to him (or he owes me a million dollars, ok, yeah, like that'll stop him.)

Today, it was announced that Pearl Jam and Tom Petty will be playing two nites at Summerfest. I was all excited to go until I heard the ticket prices. The cheapest seats (lawn??) are 203 bucks! WTF?!?! I don't think so. It would end up costing us a mortgage payment to go to a 3 hour (if we are lucky) concert. It should be interesting to see what the good seats go for. I guess I will have to try and win tickets somewhere. oh well....

Not much else to talk about.... Until next time, I leave you with this....


Would you rather....

Be left completely naked with no possessions in a foreign country


in your place of work?

I am going with the foreign country. I will hopefully never see these people again and anything I say/do will can be chalked up to be a dumb American tourist... I hope it is a warm country and not Iceland or someplace cold.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter, Idols and Stupid Stuff

Happy belated Easter all! We went by my parents for dinner. It was nice. My sister had to work and had recruited my oldest niece to run some kids games at the restaurant so it was just my folks, hubby and I and my two little nieces(3 and 5). For the most part it was a nice quiet day.

Idol was good tonite. They got to sing the Classics. For the most part everyone was really good. Kellie, Taylor and Ace were the weakest tonight. Ace is nice to look at but doesn't do much for me as a singer. Katherine ROCKED! I love Chris and Paris sang well enough to save her ass from elimination this week. Should be interesting to see who goes tomorrow.

I finally caught up on Survivor and am glad to find out that I am still in the pool. I have Aras and Shane. Both are idiots. Hopefully, they can win some immunity challenges so I can win some cash. I am rooting for Terry.

Last week at work, there were all sorts of articles on our internal website to go out to the public website and see out new commercials that will be soon junking up the airwaves. Well, it wasn't until 3 days later that someone realized that 1. most people in retail locations can't access the internet. It is blocked. and 2. 90% of the people remaining who can access the internet don't have sound cards in their pc's to be able to listen to the cheesy commercials. So.... what do they do. They burn a dvd for every employee in the bank so that they can watch the commercials at home. WTF?!?! If I wanted to see the commercials can't I just watch tv and see them... apparently not.... There are about 53,000 people who work for the bank. Figure it cost them 3 bucks per dvd (this includes production as well as mailing costs). That is a whole lot of money that could have been spent to give people raises and bonuses. That and the fact that today they come out with 1st quarter earnings. They boast record profits but yet don't give people raises and bonuses. Now I can't complain too much. I got both this year, but there were many people who did not get anything. That sucks for them. Look for a guest blog next week by a co-worker. He writes wonderful rants on stupid shit like this. He has been working up to it all week.


Would you rather....

Eat a cooked beaver tail


A cooked cow udder?

Dave/Steve, no this is not eating beaver but beaver tail. Get you minds outta the gutter. Going with the cow on this one. I know what beef tastes like. No clue on beaver....

Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Sad Day for All

It was a sad day here in Milwaukee. They found the two missing boys in a lagoon of a park not far away from their homes. Both boys died an accidental death. Speculation is that one of them may have fallen thru the ice and the other went to rescue him and fell thru as well. I am glad that it was an accident and theat no one killed them and dumped their bodies. My heart goes out to their families.

The second bad thing of the day is the 'not guilty' verdict of the Frank Jude trial. I have not had the chance to read anything from the jurors yet, but it should be interesting to find out why they could not convict anyone. Jude did not beat himself up, someone had to cause those injuries. I just don't get this one at all. Almost like an OJ Simpson thing all over again.

The last bad thing is that our friend, Dave, has decided once again to remove his blog. Not sure what caused this to happen again.... I am removing his link from my side nav bar. Dave, let me know when you decide to post again.

Spent Thursday evening with our friend, Steve, who has once again joined the rest of us in the consuption of alcohol. It was good to see him drinking. Welcome back! I will keep the link up to his old site for a few weeks. Just so you can go back to it and reminisce.

Went for a nice bike ride today with P&K. According to my monitors, I burned 733 calories during our 17.5 mile ride. Then we stopped at Kopp's for lunch (flavor of the day... Macadamia nut) So much for keeping those calories off :( If ever in the Milwaukee area, you have to stop there for lunch. They have some of the best custard.


Would you rather....

Accidentally slam you hand down on a telephone message spike


get just the tips of your fingers caught in a paper shredder?

I have to go with the telephone spike. One wound to heal. Not every finger. Besides how would I entertain you all with my witty writing if I could no longer type...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Riding and Idols

Got the chance to ride for real tonite. It felt really good to be back outside. And.... for those of you interested.... I did not fall over today. That is always a plus!

I have a nice bruise on the inside of my leg. It is the exact shape and size of my water bottle cage. Kinda horse shoe shaped. It is so much prettier than a normal round shaped bruise.

American Idol today was good. They had the Idols singing Queen songs. They showed little snipets of the band meeting the Idols. It was cool. I can now say that I am 1 degree of separation from the hot guy, Chris on Idol :)

Not much else to say.... so...


Would you rather....

Be married to someone who is extremely vain


has an extremely poor self-image?

hmmm... this is tough. Being with someone so vain, would drive me crazy as they would probably be obnoxious. Being with some with a low self esteem, would be just as bad. I don't want to have to pump my partner up all the time. I guess that means I am leaning towards the vain side.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Time for a Change... Dentyne-ism.... Falling Down (not Drunk)

I am making a few new changes to my site. Adding a few new links and retiring another for a blogger who has decided to no longer blog. Liv (aka SlamPig) if you ever decide to start blogging again let me know. I will link back up to you. I would like to welcome back DJW again. He has been good for the last few weeks and deserves to be back on my side nav. Also check out Todd. He is from Vegas and has a great outlook on life. Sarcastic at times but funny as hell.

Because it takes so long for the page to load, I am also removing the daily Sudoku. I will still go out there and complete the daily puzzle but didn't feel the need to subject you all to it.

I know that it has been several days since my last post. I just have not had the time or ambition to write anything. Today I figured I had better write something before the blog police come and get me.

Dentyne-ism - #127 – Happiness is a brand new pack of Dentyne Fire. OK, yeah… whatever…

Hubby and I occasionally ride to work together. He drives to his work, drop him off and I continue on my way. This is fine with me as I hate to drive and will do anything not to have to drive. And now with gas at 2.79 a gallon, it saves us about 50 bucks a week. Today, hubby is driving in and I notice that he is getting to be the “old man in the left lane”. He was in the left lane and the traffic was starting to pull away from in front of him. I glance back in the mirror and notice that the cars are starting to line up behind him. He had to move over eventually so, I “gently reminded” him that it was ok to move over now. I hope it was just the Monday morning fog that not quite lifted from his brain yet and not him becoming a bad driver.

After work today, hubby and I have to go to the funeral home to pay our respect for one of our friends' father. He was 90. It seems like we are going to more and more funerals. I hate that. Zeke and Vicki our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Once we get home we take the boys for a walk. It was so nice out. When we get home we decide to take the orange trainer tires off of our new bikes and put the regular street tires back on. This was an adventure. We did hubby's first. It took us about 30 minutes to get that one off and back on. Mine took us about 15 minutes. The hardest part was trying to figure out how to release the brake to get the tire past it.

So we now have the tires back on and decide to take them for a spin around the neighborhood. WOW!! does the bike ever ride nice! So effortless. The next part of the story is a bit embarrassing but it needs to be told. I hope you enjoy the laugh at my expense. Our driveway is on a rather steep hill (just ask Steve, his Mustang rolled down it and into the ditch once). It was the first time riding my bike outside with my new pedals and shoes. Now I have heard stories from people (Kim) about how there would be times when you come to a stop and forget that you can't lift your foot off of the pedals and will fall over. You have to twist your foot outward so that you can unclip from the pedals. After going around the block and having to stop several times, I think to myself, "Hey, I am getting the hang of this!" I have been clipping in and out for about 2 months now on my trainer and felt comfortable with it. I get to the end of the driveway and unclip my left foot. I realize that I do not have enough speed to make it up to the top of the driveway so I keep pedaling. When I got to the top of the driveway and went to lift my foot of the pedal, it was stuck. SHIT!! FUCK!!! DAMN!!! Luckily, I am near the edge of the driveway and over I fall. Into the grass. SHIT!! FUCK!!! DAMN!!! I did not realize that my left foot had clipped back into my pedal. As my luck would have it, the Schwan's guy is now stopping at the end of the driveway and has seen me fall over. He laughs, hubby is laughing and I am swearing. SHIT!! FUCK!!! DAMN!!! Thanks goodness it has rained alot in the past few weeks and the ground was nice and soft. I guess I need to practice stopping a bit more. SHIT!! FUCK!!! DAMN!!! I will try again tomorrow.

Our dear friend, StB will be imbibing once again on Thursday. For those of you who do not know, he gave up drinking alcohol for Lent. Don’t ask why. He just did. So at 7:23 pm CST (yes, he figured out the exact time Lent was over) on Thursday, Steve will once again be able to drink. I think we may just head out for a drink to welcome him back to the real world. So where ever you may be at that time, pour a drink and raise your glass in a toast to him.


Would you rather....

Be the boy in the plastic bubble


the elephant man??

This is hard. I will choose being the elephant man. At least I can come and go as I please.

Have a good week folks!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mellencamp....Lack of a Skank... Trip to Vic's

For those of you who do not know, I am a huge John Mellencamp fan. It started when my cousin and I were about 14. Since then, we have go on road trips and have been to more than a dozen concerts. Well, on Monday, I get back to my desk after a meeting and find my inbox filled with emails. Here is the recap, names are not being changed to protect no one.

8:44 am - Kim: I couldn't believe when I heard on the news that people left a FREE John Mellencamp concert in Indiana because of the weather. What is this world coming too!!!

8:50 am - Steve: Finally, people are using their heads. Logic is taking over.

8:57 am - Aleta: Big open field, tornado, hail....Still, I can't believe it either.

9:03 am - Steve: What a bunch of wusses! My guess is Mellencamp was leading the way out.

9:03 am - Kim: I have a feeling we may be mentioned in Jodi's blog. I hope she gives us colorful names.

9:14 am - Steve: Then maybe it would be interesting for a change.

Wow, and I wasn't even around to enjoy it.

Last night hubby and I worked the elections. It was the normal crowd including the skank. She was quiet. Said nothing to me, which was good. I wonder if she reads this blog and knows I will talk about her behind (and in front of her back). If the guy who runs this ever decides to get out of it, I am interested in taking it over.

A few weeks ago, I went to Victoria's Secret at my local mall. I had a few gift cards that I wanted to use up and could use a few new bras. The stores have finally started to carry their new IPEX bras in DD's. Previously, you could only get them thru a catalog or online. So I grabbed a couple of them in my size and headed to the dressing room to try them on. I was so disappointed. They were sooo small in the cup size. My nips were practically showing out of the top of the bra. I hailed one of the clerks and asked her opinion. She asked if I had been measured recently. I said no. So she pulls out her tape measure and measures away. She came up with the idea that I was a 38 C. WTF?!? I normally wear a 36 DD. I was thinking that I needed to move down to a 34 soon, since I have lost about 30 lbs in the last few months. the 36's were getting to be way to big around my body. I was on the tightest hooks and it was practically falling off. In the cups I was spilling out over the top. These were not push up or demi bras but regular full coverage bras. There should be no spillage. I was not too impressed with the clerk. So, long story short, I ended up back with the same type of bra I always get from there, just in a pretty minty green. Oh well.....


Would you rather....

Given that you are a 45-minute walk or a 20-minute run from the nearest toilet facility and you have a strong need to take an immediate dump, walk


run to the toilet?

I am going with run. There is no worse feeling than having to poo. I would want to have the shortest time, even if it meant a chance of some "leaking".

Monday, April 03, 2006

Super Powers....Coffee, Tea or me.... Dentyne-ism... Sad Sight

Last week, I had a user open a ticket up to my group because she could not set the implementation time for her record to be 2:00am on Sunday morning. I told her that technically the time from 2-3 am does not exist because of Daylight Saving Time. We go from 1:59 to 3am. She then asked if I could change the time that Daylight Saving Time starts to be noon or something. After I stopped laughing, I told her no. That this is pretty much a thing that happens nationwide and I do not have the authority to change when it happens. She was a bit miffed that I couldn’t do it. WTF is she thinking?? She was of Asian descent and spoke with a very thick accent but I thought that most of the world has some version of Daylight Saving Time. I know that most of Europe uses it because it was last week, Sunday (neat calendar factoid). I guess I did not realize that I now have super powers. Damn, just think of what I could have done with those powers.

Hubby and I went to an Inspired Aroma party. Coffee and tea. Of which we drink none. We went there and drank beer. Ain't we fun?? I did order some coffee for my boss who is a big coffee lover and into the gourmet stuff. It was hosted by our neighbors who are fun so it was an entertaining evening.

On Sat, we went to the Bucks game with M & K. After, we stopped at a J & K, so that hubby could give K all his money playing cards. She was luckier than hell. Next time we cut her off at one rainbow margarita (that supposedly has noooo tequila in it). I sat and chatted with A, who has now graduated to using a cane after her hip replacement and is getting along quite well. I think she will be ready for camping in a mere 7 weeks.

On Sunday, hubby and I were driving home from the grocery store when we seen this duck that had been hit by a car on the side of the road. It was dead. The sad thing is that its mate was all upset and running around the dead duck. Ducks mate for life and this one just lost his mate. It was a sad thing to see. poor duck.

Another Dentyne-ism #169: The muumuu has yet to realize its full potential as a fashion trend. Hmm… and where does one find a muumuu?? Not sure I seen one at my local Boston Store.


Would you rather....

Wake up to find a roach sucking ton your tear duct for moisture


find two rats having sex on your stomach??

I hate bugs so I am going with the rats. As long as I am not needing to wear goggles, I am good.

Have a good week!