Thursday, January 31, 2008

Things That Make You Go Uhhh... Yeah....

I was reading a blog of my next door neighbor earlier this evening. She is a very nice person but not the sharpest pencil in the box. Here is the first line from yesterday's post.

"It is 35 below wind shield factor and -4 degrees outside today"

My first thought was what the hell is the wind shield factor?? and what is 35 below that factor?? Is that the factor of when your wind shield will break?? something else??

Now me, being the anal person that I am, would have written the sentence this way "It is -4 degrees outside today with a wind chill of -35 degrees".

I may not be a good writer but I know proper grammar. I try to always read thru my posts before publishing them to make sure that they make sense.

The last week has been busy. I am getting things packed up and tossing things out. Nothing like moving to get you to go thru stuff. I hope to get alot of the stuff packed up this weekend.

The roof is almost finished on my new house. I stopped over on Tuesday to check it out. It looks nice. I hope that they got all the debris cleaned up before the wind kicked in or the neighbors will not be very happy with the shingles and crap all over the place. Other than that things are progressing right along with the selling of our old house, my new house and the divorce.


Would you rather....

Run over your daughter's new puppy


forget her birthday for two consecutive years??

I'm going with forgetting the birthday. I'm too much of a dog lover to run over the dog.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Let's Blow the Roof Off of This Joint

I got me a new roof, folks. The sellers are going to pay for a new roof as well as fixing the radon issue. I go tomorrow to pick out the shingles and gutters. What fun!! I am just glad that this is all over. The last couple of weeks have been very stressful for me and I am normally a person who handles stress pretty well, or so I think anyway. It is a relief to know that I have a place to live and to call my own. The dogs, bird and I will settle into our new life in our new home in less than a month.

I will find out in the next few days if we can get into the new place a bit early so my dad can rip the carpet up in a couple of the bedrooms before I move in. That will be easier to do if we are not moving stuff in at the same time.

Sunday is the big game. What game you may ask?? If you are listening to the local media, there is nothing else going on in the world except this game. The only good thing with the Packer coverage is that we don't have to listen to the political coverage. Not sure which is worse right now. I think it is important that people get to know who they will vote for but it is crazy. I wish that the candidates would have mandatory campaign spending limits. It would even the playing field.

American Idol has started. I love to dvr it and watch later. I can get thru a 2 hour show in about an hour once you knock out all the commercials. There were a couple of people who were really good. Should be another fun season.


Would you rather....

Have to walk on five-foot stilts for the rest of your life


always have to ride a unicycle to get around?

Have to go with the unicycle. Just think of all the great exercise you would get.

Monday, January 14, 2008

A Roof Over My Head

The inspection on my new house was last Saturday. All went well except for one big thing. The roof. It probably should have been replaced at least a year ago. There were shingles that had no gravel on them anymore.

So, we are going back to the seller to have them pay for a new roof. We are talking a complete tear off on both the house and garage. They are balking at it a bit. It will probably cost 5 grand to replace. That is coin that I can't really afford at this time. We are now at the point of getting a few estimates to see what the cost will be and try to negotiate. To top it off the radon test came back at 6.9. EPA guidelines say that anything over 4.0 needs to be fixed. It will cost the seller another grand to remediate that. My realtor talked to the other realtor and learned that the sellers are frustrated. Don't blame them. The house has been on the market for over 8 months and they now have to shell out some cash to get more stuff done.

I think that it was not a good sign when my realtor sent me link to a few new houses to look at. Bad thing is that none of them appealed to me.

At this point I am back to waiting again. This sucks. I can't sleep, which for me is very unusual. It doesn't help when hubby's work calls at 11:45 pm and wakes me up cuz he doesn't answer his cell phone. I tossed and turned the rest of the night. My ass is draggin but I want to stay up until about 10 or so, so that I can hopefully be tired enough to sleep.


Would you rather....

Not eat for three days


not sleep for three days?

I have to go with the eating. I can stand to lose a few pounds. I'm already not sleeping very well.

Go, Pack, Go

By now, most everyone knows that the Packers beat Seattle and are now heading for the NFC Championship game. Since the Giants beat Dallas, the game will be played at Lambeau Field.

The Dallas/Giants game was a good one. I wanted the Giants to win because I think that the Packers will have an easier time them. The Packers never play well against the Cowboys, especially in Dallas.

The game was a fun time. Everyone was at Big Momma's. The bar was crowded but not too crazy. It was fun seeing everyone. We don't get together enough during the winter months. Afterwards, went to K&J's for Pizza and Eddie Murphy's Delirious. The best part is the Goonie Goo Goo bit...

Eddie Murphy: [as his drunk father] Your wife's a Bigfoot, isn't she, Gus? Your wife is a Bigfoot, isn't she? That's why the bitch's moustache is so motherfuckin' thick... 'cause you shaved the bitch down and taught her to speak. I know a motherfuckin' Bigfoot when I see one! Don't bring a Bigfoot into my home, Gus! With my children? The bitch can't talk! She can't walk a flight of steps! She's not trained well, Gus! She can *not* walk steps! I'll bet she climbs the fuck outta trees, though, don't she, Gus? Doesn't she? DOESN'T SHE? But you got to not bring her around here - fuck her! And your motherfuckin' children? They're Bigfeet, too. They're half-Bigfoot, Gus, 'cause the motherfuckers is 6 years old and have Afros 17 inches long. They're little hairy motherfuckers, just like their mother. Look at the motherfuckers! You know how I found out they was Bigfoot - when I realized your wife was a Bigfoot when I took your kids fishing last week. I put the motherfuckers in the boat, Gus, and I took the worm and I put it on the hooks. And they both sat there, and they put their poles down in the motherfuckin' boat, and slammed their faces in the water for 2 minutes! And I think, "What the fuck are these kids doin'?" Then they start moving their heads like this

[quickly shakes head back and forth]

and the motherfuckers come up with fish! I jumped back and said, "Can you believe this motherfuckin' shit?" Then the kid took the fish out his mouth and looked at his brother and said, "Goonie-Goo-Goo." What the fuck is going on here? Normal kids don't do shit like that, Gus. But I'm gonna tell you something, motherfucker. You can take your motherfuckin' hairy fat-ass wife moustache bitch out the fuck, you can go upstairs and get the motherfuckin' dog and scoop up the shit and take Eddie and get these mothafuckin' long Angela Davis afro-wearin' motherfuckin' kids of yours and put them in the motherfucking "Goonie-Goo-Goo"-mobile and get the fuck out! And if my wife don't like that, she can get the fuck out, too!

[Eddie mimes his shoe-throwing noise] You missed me, bitch!

Good Night Detroit!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I Don't Get It

I went out to the USPS website to change my address and found that to do it online costs me $1.00. WHY??? I can fill out the info online, print it and stick it in the mailbox tomorrow and it will cost me nothing.

Does this seem a bit odd to any one else???

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It's Official

I got the call about 30 minutes ago. I got the house. I am now the proud almost owner of a cute 3 bedroom, 1 bath brick ranch in St. Francis.

Here is a pic of the front of the house. If you want to see more go to the post from the other day. The link is on there.

Things went smooth. They countered this morning at 142,000. We came back and said ok, we will take that but pay most of the closing costs. That is about 2500 so, it works out well. Now more of my money can go towards the down payment.

I close on both houses on Feb 15th. We will be moving that day as well. Now, I have to call and line up the movers. We are going to try to work it out so that they can pack all the stuff up and then drop hubby's off at his new place and then send the rest on to my house. All I know is that it is worth it to have them haul my elliptical up and down stairs. That thing weighs a ton!!

Not alot that I want to do right away. 1. Rip the carpet out of the bedrooms. There are hardwood floors under the carpet. Hopefully, they are in good shape. 2. Paint the kitchen. I like pink (remember, I ride a pink bike) but not really my thing in the kitchen. When we painted here this summer, we have a bunch of paint left over and I can use that. It is an off white color which is fine for now.

Dad was all excited. He now has a project to work on for the rest of winter. I should just put a bed in one of the rooms and have him move in. Save him money on gas.

Have to meet with the attorney on Thursday. We have to draw up papers that releases hubby from any legal or financial responsibility for my new home. Lots of stuff to do. It will be a busy month. I can see me burning alot of vacation time up in the next month.

Well, time for bed. I have not slept well the past few nights. I think I will sleep much better knowing I now have a place to live.

Good Night everyone!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

The Wait Begins

So, the offer was submitted this morning. Now comes the waiting.... The seller's have until end of day on 1/8 to either accept, reject or counter offer.

Think good thoughts!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

House Hunting - Day 3

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Back at the house hunting. Today's trip only consisted of two locations. Both is St. Francis.

House 1 - nice location on a dead end cul-de-sac. The house was well maintained and had been owned by some dead old people. The kitchen and bath were recently updated and had nice fixtures. Windows were fairly new. Living room was small. Entire house had hard wood floors. It had only been on the market like 10 days and my realtor must have known the other realtor and said that he did not think that they would some down much if any in price. It was at the very top limit of my budget.

House 2 - nice location across from a park. As we drove up, I knew that this would not work. There was no driveway or garage. You parked on the street. YUCK!! The property was on an alley but there was a 20-25 foot drop from the edge of the lawn to the alley. That's not working for me. We did not even go in.

My realtor is a great guy. He is friends with my co-worker L. So after we looked at the houses, we stopped at a little bakery for lunch. We bought some hot ham and rolls and ate and chatted. He does alot of real estate for the Bucks. We are eating lunch and he gets a call from a rookie player who shall remain nameless at this time. He cut the tire on his Range Rover and needed to get a new one. Except that no place around here could get one in for like a week. He bought the vehicle in Chicago. Last week, when it was in the shop for something else, he had my realtor's truck. Rookie called realtor and said that the truck kept stalling out on him. First thing realtor asks is if there is gas in it. He says yes, he just filled it up. It then dawns on him that he put gasoline in. Not diesel fuel which is what it runs on. Realtor needs a new engine. Rookie said that he would buy him a new truck. This is like the 4th or 5th thing that has happened to him and vehicles in the last 4 months. I told realtor that I would be rookie's driver. He laughed and said that he has already recommended that he get a car service.

In the end, I decided to put an offer in on the house in St. Francis. Realtor thought that since it has been on the market for so long, we should be able to get a deal on it. We are offer of 135,000 to see if they bite. He figures that they will then counter with 140 or less which is perfect for me. I am waiting for Realtor to email over the paperwork so I can sign it and away we go.

I'll keep you all updated on the progress. Keep you fingers crossed.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

House Hunting - Day 2

Today, dad and I went out with my realtor and looked at more houses. We went to look at 4 new ones and back to the one I liked last week.

Started out in Cudahy, This one was a foreclosure. It was a dump. You could tell that it had been empty for over a year now. Needed a new driveway, had no gutters. The only nice thing was that it had nice refinished hardwood floors.

House 2 - was back to the one in St. Francis that I liked. When we went out last week to look at it, it was with my realtor's associate and my realtor wanted to look at it so he could see it for himself. I still liked the house. I know someone who lives across the street so that would be nice as well.

House 3 - It was in a nice location on a dead end road behind Zablocki park. Long driveway. As we walked up the driveway, you could see that the garage was crooked. Quite a bit. As we walked in, you could see that the rest of the house was off as well. The fridge was tilted about an inch or so. It looked like the house was a small cottage at one time and they added on to it. This was a definite no as well.

House 4 - Was a few blocks away. As we drove up, we noticed that it was the smallest house on the block. The garage was tiny. I don't think that my truck would have even fit in there. The owners were at the house. As we walked in, there was an odd odor. Kinda gross. The house was crammed with stuff. For those of you who know me, I hate clutter, especially when it looks like a dump. This was what the house looked like. Do you think if you wanted someone to buy your house, that maybe you would run a vacuum through quick. Not these folks. Besides the fact that there was no basement this was a no as well.

House 5 - It was on Honey Creek Dr. Nice area, but very close to the freeway. You could hear the traffic and it was loud. The house was very well maintained but small. Two of the bedrooms were like 9x9. Way to small for me.

One thing I have learned was that there is a reason that alot of the homes do not have pictures of the interior on the web. They are dumps and there is not much you can do, even with Photoshop, to make it look better. I just have a hard time believing that people live in this kind of crap. They are all fairly decent neighborhoods. Not like I'm looking in the inner city somewhere.

So, I think I have decided to put an offer in on the St. Francis house. My realtor is going to look at the comps in the area and see what a reasonable offer is. I think we have the fact that it has been on the market since last May going for us. They may be willing to deal. I am hoping that all works out. Keep your fingers crossed.


Would you rather....

Have a see-through nose


entirely white eyeballs?

Well, since I have a cold going on, the see-through nose would be quite gross at this time. But it could be fun to gross people out. hmmmm... what are your thoughts??