Monday, September 27, 2010

I Love Boobs

Yesterday was the annual Susan G. Koman Walk for a Cure in Milwaukee. 

We have walked this as a group for the past several years. Ever since our good friend, Gambino became a survivor. 

I was thinking about that time yesterday.  I remember getting the call that she had been diagnosed.  Thinking "What the hell! "  and "No fucking way! ".  Next thing I recall was sitting in the bar, waiting to hear from A on how the surgery went.  Feeling relived when the call finally came and the news was good.

Gambino had to go back for a second surgery.  I'm still not sure it wasn't a ploy to get out of Thanksgiving at her home. (J, you know I'm only kidding ).  That was followed up with several weeks of radiation treatment.  She was fortunate to not have to go through chemo.

Much of that time seems like a blur to me. I'm sure she will never forget it.

The best part is that she is now a Survivor.

And yesterday we walked in her honor. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dirty Dancing??

Men, this just doesn't work. EVER!!!

And if you don't know why.... there's no hope.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Camping: This and That - Part 1

Note: Apparently, the blog app on my phone only saves things in draft mode and you can't edit the posts from your phone. So, sit down and enjoy part.

It is camping week for the gang. We are short one gang member, who's wit is missed. Sadly, sometimes real life gets in the way of fun.

The ride out was uneventful which is good. Stopped for lunch in Blanchardville. It is scary when the waitress remembers you from previous years. I guess we are the unforgettable sort of folks.

The weather was a little uncooperative. We still have a credit crumming for the rain on the way out and overnight Monday.

Tuesday dawned rather windy. Thank God for pony tails. The day started out on a sour note as one of the gang was not able to work from the campground. We had tested use my phone's internet connection and tethering her laptop to it. While I have a good cell signal my 3G coverage faded in and out. It was a downer for both of us. So we did what any good camper does. Hit the @newglarusbeer brewery.

Picked up a bunch of new beers to try. A few are their regular year round beers and a few were what they call their R&D beer. Trial runs of potential new beers. Since they have special labels I will wait to try them at home so I don't mess the labels up by sitting in a cooler of water and ice. I will have pictures when I drink them. Or see my #beerclub tweets.

It was cold overnight. Thank goodness for campers with furnace in it.