Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Later today hubby and I and the boys are heading over to my parents for dinner. Riley will like it cuz he knows that the kids will be dropping food on the floor that he gets to eat.

Last night, we headed up to Big Momma's for a few cocktails. It was good to see a few people who we have not seen in awhile. We laughed over a few stories of our friend Dave who passed away earlier this year and how a several years ago we had a party up at the bar and Dave was deep frying turkeys. He was cutting up the turkey and in between licking his fingers and then going back to touch the food.... ahhh the good times. It was nice to see Russ and Elaine, Vicki and Zeke, and a few others. We are thankful for the great friends that we have.

I am also very thankful that our good friend, Ms. Gambino, is on her way to a speedy recovery. For those of you who may not know, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery yesterday. She came thru the surgery with flying colors and her doctor is very optimistic that everything was removed. She was very lucky that it was caught very early. She has just gone in for a routine doctor visit and in less than a month was having the surgery. She will still need to go thru radiation treatments but it had not spread to her lymph nodes or anywhere else. The scariest part of this is that she is only 38 with no family history. So ladies, I urge you to have a mammogram at your next doctor visit. I know that at my next visit in Jan, I will be having one done.

So my faithful readers... what are you thankful for this year??

Have a wonderful holiday. All I know is that I will NOT be hitting the stores tomorrow for Black Friday. I avoid doing any shopping on that day. I hate the crowds way too much.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Getting You Caught Up

Well, when we last left our heroine she was fighting a cold.....

I am glad to say that after a visit to the doctor and some great drugs, I am now healthy. Or at least as healthy as I'm gonna get. By last Friday, my cold was so bad, I was not getting any sleep cuz I could not breathe. So, I went to the Aurora QuickCare clinic. They are clinics that are staffed with a nurse practitioner and they can write scripts. I went and walked out 20 minutes later with a diagnosis of a sinus infection and an antibotic and decongestant. After a few days of the meds I began to feel much better. If you have a minor cold, I would recommend these places. Quick, easy and only 40 bucks. They don't take any insurance so there is minimal paperwork.

Last weekend was spent laying low and getting better. Fast forward to this week....

On Thursday, hubby and I went to the Bob Seger concert. It was a good time. There were alot of old people there... and by old, I mean walkers and oxygen tanks, literally. I seen more polyester in three hours than I do in a month. He played all of his favorites and a few new things. Hubby ended up getting really drunk. Not sure how that happened but Ken and Arnie should have benn there to take the blame for getting him that way. I was kinda bummed that we were in a section that was a sitting section. I go to concerts to sing and dance. Not sit. If I wanted to sit and listen I would buy the dvd and watch it at home. I got a few looks when I was dancing a few times. I didn't care I paid my money for the ticket and was going to do as I pleased.

This weekend, hubby is out of town for the Packer game. I have a few things going on but otherwise will enjoy the peace and quiet. Looking forward to heading out with the gang for the game tomorrow. It has been awhile since I have seen some of them so it will be a good time.


Would you rather....

Streak naked through your office


be known as the office farter?

I am going with streaking. That is a one time deal. Streak and done. I have enough gassy friends who will take the office farter title.

See you all later!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

....and the winner is....

Well, the elections are finally over. Ended up staying until about 1:30 am waiting for a few of the suburbs to get their stuff in.

I am so glad that I can come home from work tomorrow and not find 6 messages on the machine from various candidates wanting me to vote for them. It was to the point the last few days, I did not even answer the phone just so I did not have to listen to them.

Voting was quite painless. Since I had voted before, I got to go to the head of the line and get my ballot right away. I connected the two parts of the arrow for my choices and away I went. I was literally in there less than 5 minutes. Some of my candidates won, others lost, and some races I did not vote in. I feel that if I did not have the time, inclination or whatever to properly make an informed choice about who to vote for I am better off not voting for that race. It is not a fair thing to do.

There were two referendums on the ballot this year. Both were quite interesting. First one, the death penalty. You never heard much about it. Which is very surprising. I think that it is a good idea. A good example is about 2-3 years ago this guy, who's name escapes me, was released from prison. He was wrongly convicted. DNA evidence proved it. He was in prison for like 18 years. Well about a year or so after he got out he raped, sodomized, killed, dismembered and burned a young women. Now this guy deserves to die for his crime. This was only an advisory referendum so we will see what happens.

The other one is the 'gay' marriage vote. I have to say I voted no. To me is really does not matter. People gay or straight should be able to have the rights. I think of it like this. I have a co-worker who is gay. He is a great guy and we get along fantastic. He and his partner are in a committed relationship and have been for like 10 years. They own a house together. But since their relationship is not recognized they both have to pay for their own insurance and have no legal rights if something should happen to one of them. To me that is wrong. They are more stable and moral than some couples I know. I don't care if they don't call it a 'marriage'... call it a civil union or something. I just think they should have the same rights as hubby and I do.

Ok, I'm done and jumping off my soapbox now. On to other stuff..... my cold has not gone from my lungs to my head. My sinuses are all sorts of plugged up and my nose is contantly running. Maybe someday I will be able to breathe and finally get to work out. My body feels like shit cuz it has been like 3 weeks since I did anything. It was so nice out today and I wanted to get a bike ride in but when you can't breathe it is hard to do much. So I played poker online. Thew last game I played in was great. People play like shit. I have like 2-7o in the big blind. 4 people call. I check. Flop come 7-7-2. Full house. Sweet. I make a nominal raise, kinda like I am trying to steal the pot. 3 people call. Cool. Turn comes a K. One guy raises about 1/2 the pot. I hesitate and call. Someone else calls. River comes a rag. I check. Guy bets pot, othe guy calls, I raise all in. It was only a couple hundred bucks more so what the heck. They both call. I win. Then they bitch that I sucked it out. WTF??! I had them on the flop. I just let you make all my money for me. Similar thing happened when I hit quad Js. Took two people out on that hand. Overall, I was up about 40 bucks today. Not too shabby.

Well... enough of my ramblings... talk to you all later....

Monday, November 06, 2006

Neat Stuff

Here are a few things to do/read/look at to waste some time.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Being Sick... Packers.... A Letter

I hate being sick. I am not a good sick person. I have had this cold now for over a week. I think that I will be making a stop at the clinic thingy to get some drugs. The cough has now settled into my chest and is rattling around. It is the hardest at nite when I lay down. Everything gets stuck in my lungs I get this nice coughing spell. I have just been laying low, going to bed early and just taking it easy.

Last Sunday, our next door neighbors had a Packer party. They won it thru a local radio station and bank. The highlight of the party was the guests of honor were Max McGee and Jim Irwin. They were the Packer radio announcers for 20 years. Max was notorious for being hungover/still drunk when he played in Super Bowl 1. It was a blast and they were both really nice. To start the third quarter, they gave their play by play. Jim was really good even not knowing who the players were. Max, by this time, was a bit tipsy and just kinda rambled on. I did alot of talking and was kinda tipsy myself and that is how I lost my voice. My throat was so sore by the end of the day. Being outside for most of the afternoon did not help either. I have some cool pictures but have to take them off my camera yet.

I got a letter in the mail today. I was invited to join Mensa. YEAH!! I was really surprised that I got the results so quickly. This means that I scored in the top 2% of the general population. So now for the low price of $52 a year I can join, take part in the activities and get their magazine.

Other than that not much else is going on. I hate leaving for work in the dark and getting home when it is almost dark.