Friday, December 22, 2006

Why am I up so Early??

It is 7:30 am and you may ask yourself, self... what are you doing up so early on a day when you don't have to work. Well... blame hubby. When he got up this morning he got the dog all riled up and they had to go out. By the time I got them outside to do their business (in the pouring rain, no less) and back in the house, I was awake. This was about 6 am. So I stayed up. I stripped the bed and am washing everything. Sheets, comforter, mattress pad... the whole works. I have two loads already done. I figured that since yesterday was the start of winter, I could take my fall themed sheets and comforter (they have fall colored leaves on them) off and replace them with my winter ones (snowflakes, mittens and such). Yes, I know, I am a bit goofy that way. I have sheets and comforters for each season. And they all coordinate. Each season I will switch the bedding out with something new. I guess the hardest part is finding room to store all the sheets and comforters (at last count there were 6).

Boomer is a one dog destruction crew. For being only 8 lbs, he sure likes to literally destroy the dog toys we buy. The toys that say they are for chewers, yeah right, those last about a month. Stuffed squeaky animals, those will maybe last a few days. Some of Riley's favorite toys, have met with disaster. Riley has (or had) a couple of toys that made noise when you squeezed them, a duck, pig, monkey, sheep, they are all gone now. Boomer literally rips them to pieces. I am forever walking around and picking up chunks for animal stuffing around the house. The worst ones are the tennis balls. They shred very nicely and hurt when you step on them in the middle of the night. The good news is is that he does not mess with furniture or shoes. Hopefully, he will grow out of that chewing phase.

I worked a half of day yesterday and went to Kohl's around lunchtime. I was shocked. There were only about 40 cars in the lot. The store was practically barren. I was able to wander around the store and pick up some stuff for presents and myself, without having to beat anyone up. There were so many workers milling around, it was kinda sad as they kept coming up to you to ask if they could be of any assistance. You don't see that very often.

I even got all the presents that I had wrapped. Amazing. I hate wrapping presents. And this year I vowed to use up the wrapping paper that I already have and not buy anymore until that is gone... somehow I ended up with about 20 rolls of paper. I killed off 3 rolls already.

My cousin, who was recently diagnosed with cancer in his esophogus, had a heart attack yesterday. Man, he has had some really bad luck lately. I am going to try and get up to the hospital to see him this weekend as it looks like he may be in there a while. He was going to start with his cancer treatment right after the holidays. I don't know what will happen now.

The rest of the weekend is looking to be busy. Saturday, the gang is getting together for our annual holiday gathering. Since P&K sold the bar, we don't all get together like we used to. This should be a fun nite. K, remember to never leave your drink unattended.... For those who may not know, K, is not a big drinker. So last year, whenever she would leave to go to the bathroom we would fill her glass up. She never realized it. The next day we went out to eat with them and she could not figure out how she got so drunk and was a hurting unit. I have a hard time keeping a straight face and had to tell her what we did. She had no idea. It was too funny...

Christmas Eve, since we do nothing with hubby's family, we go out to eat with P & K. Not sure where we will end up this year. It is a nice time. I think StB may join us this year as well. The more the merrier.

Christmas Day is at my parents. We put out a bunch of food and let the kids go nuts. The dogs always have fun as well running around and playing in the paper.


Would you rather....

Have heinous breath and good teeth


gross teeth and regular breath?

I am going with good teeth. That is the one thing I am very picky about it my teeth. My parents spent alot of money for me to have nice teeth. I try to keep them looking nice.

Have a good Christmas everyone. Stay safe and I hope Santa is good to you!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Shopping Online

I found a great site that if you do any of shopping online can save you some money. is a site that was started by a couple of guys in Wisconsin and if you go to a retailer's site thru Jellyfish and make a purchase, you get cash back. They have some of the biggest retailers online. Barnes & Noble, Circuit City, Best Buy to name a few.

I have purchased a few things thru the site already and have about 12 bucks in my account. If you use my name as a referral, I get a cut in anything that you buy from the site as well. Use this link to sign up. It is only good for US and Canadian residents.

They also have something called the Smack Deal of the Day. You can get some fantastic deals on stuff. The deals are every weekday at 1:00 pm EST. You can check out the details on the site. Unfortunately, the site is blocked from my work and can't try to get the deals myself. They have some good stuff on there.

Check it out and happy shopping!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Holiday Time

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know it has been a while since my last post. Not much to say and too lazy. It is amazing that I even have any readers left but according to my stats at least 13 people have stopped by today to check me out. I should be nice and give them something to read about.

Last nite was hubby's company holiday party. It was a good time. It was at the Italian Community Center. A really pretty place. The food was fab. I even got to try a new, to me, beer called Sprecher Micro Light. The beer was really good and went down smooth. One you could drink all evening, which I did. Next time you are out, try one. The entertainment was a casino theme. You got 'chips' to play with. Not that you got anything for winning or losing but it was still fun. I wanted to play bocce but found out way later that it was down the hall and somewhere we never found.

Today, we went Christmas shopping. We got most of it done. Tomorrow will be spent getting the gift cards we need to pick up yet. We are fairly lucky in that we only have to buy for a few people and half of them are my nieces. They are easy. Now I have to get everything wrapped. I hate wrapping gifts. I got all my Christmas cards out on Friday. A little later than I wanted but still in time.

Found out earlier in the week that the guy we hired in Sept. is leaving at the end of the year. Great.... now we are back down to three of us again. It is going to SUCK!! He is going to a company that I would love to get into. They are consistently ranked as one of the top companies to work for nationally. I am going to hit him up after bonus/raise time in Feb and see if there are any open positions. This is one of those companies that hires by 'knowing someone on the inside'. The nice thing is that it is about 10 minutes from home. It would mean no more 45-60 min commutes to work and in crappy traffic.


Would you rather....

Give someone the finger when he cuts you off in his car and have him turn out to be your priest or rabbi


have your friends catch you picking up trash while you're wearing a felon-orange jumpsuit?

I am going with giving the priest the finger. I'm not religious so it would matter.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Update from the Fire Drill

On Monday, when I was bitching about the fire drill, I should have thanked my employer. On Wednesday, there was an explosion at a local company. It killed three poeple and injured almost another 50. Here is a picture of the aftermath and some articles.

Bottom line.... someone smelled gas and they began evacuating the buildings. This action probably saved alot of live. I guess I should be happy that we have a plan in place and know how to execute it...

Friday, December 08, 2006

Week In Review

The past week as been a bit hectic with stuff going on.... not so much to me but to others around me.

Hubby has been working alot of hours and has not been getting home until after 9pm every nite. All I can say is that all the hours had better pay off come raise time. Tonite he is off playing poker. Hope he does better than he did last time. We are also playing tomorrow at Big Momma's. DJW, are you joining us??

For the few people who read my blog, that don't know, Gambino had to go in for more surgery yesterday. Her doctor found more cancerous cells and they did surgery right away. She is doing well. I think that she will now have to go thru radiation and chemo. That sucks!!

I also found out that my cousin has cancer of his esophagus. He is 44. The doctors said that it is inoperable. He is going to Chicago next week to meet with some cancer specialists. What is scary is that he had a sore throat around Thanksgiving and it never got better. It felt like he had something stuck in his throat. He went to the doctor and they did a scope and found a mass in his esophagus. They biopsied it and found out that it was a very aggressive form of cancer. This is really crappy!

We finally got a new boss at work. She is out in Portland, OR. We are in Milwaukee and we have another person in St. Paul. Should be interesting to see how this works. We are used to working in virtual teams so... it will be nice to actually have someone who has the time to work to get stuff back in order. The last few months have been hell and it had better pay for me come raise and bonus time in Feb.

It has been really cold here this past week. I hate it, I am not a cold weather gal. Give me the warm weather any day. At least it is supposed to warm up this weekend. I need to get my truck washed. It is really dirty.


Would you rather....

Have frequent spurts of uncontrollable drooling


be a bed wetter?

I am going with the bed wetting. Only hubby would know. everyone would see me drool.

Have a good weekend everyone!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

What a Crock....


We had fire drill today at work. It was about 9:30am this morning. It was 12 degrees out and snowing. We had to stand outside and wait until the building was cleared. That took about 20 minutes. I was pissed. It was cold outside and our place to meet in inclement weather was the liquor store up the hill that went out of business last summer. So we had to stand outside the whole time. Why could they not do that 2 weeks ago when it was 60 degrees out??

Sunday, December 03, 2006


I am working on a server upgrade that has gone bad and right now I am hosting a call between several different areas. I don't need to actually do anything except listen and make calls to get the right people involved... I am mad as it was going so well. We were two hours ahead of scheduled then BAM.. the shit hits the fan. Nothing that we did... just stuff that was not caught in testing by other areas. We are now once again looking like we have to back something out. grrrrr.. Somedays I really hate this job.

Let's see what has gone on in the last week.

Hubby and I went to Hooter's to watch the football game with some friends. We got there about 3:30 or so. I guess I am a wimp and can't keep up drinking any more. I was pretty much toast by 8:30-9:00pm. I can't drink with the big boys.....

On Friday, we got dumped on with about 13 inches of snow. Thankfully, I was able to work from home and didn't have to worry about driving in. After the snow was all cleaned up we met some friends for a fish fry. It was a nice time, hubby and I ended up sitting in the bar after dinner and it was almost 1:00am before we got home. We both felt like poo the next morning. We slept until after 10:30am.

Our neighbors had their annual Christmas party last nite. It was ok. For whatever reason it broke up by 10:30. It was strange. I think that the hostess was not happy about something as she hardly said anything to anyone most of the evening. oh well...

It is now 11:15 pm and I am still working on this server upgrade. We are working on a fix and hopefully that will prevent us from having to do a full back out of the server upgrade. If we have to backout it. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am getting tired and cranky as I have been working on this now since 3:00pm. Nothing like a short weekend. I have to be up for work at 5:30 tomorrow.

Yeah, a temporary fix was able to be implemented. This is great cuz we don't have to back out the server upgrade. It is now 11:53 pm. I am going to bed.... nighty night all!