Monday, February 25, 2008

This and That

So a little over a week has passed since I moved into my new house. I am getting settled and starting to feel more comfortable in the new digs. I still have to get more dressers. I am used to having much more closet space and really only had my underwear, bras and socks in a dresser. I now need to find homes for the rest of my clothes. I would like to get them out of the buckets I have them in now. Maybe this next weekend, I will take a trip to the furniture store to get a couple of dressers.

When I bought the house it came with a one year home warranty. Basically it covers anything that can go wrong with the house for the first year. I used it on Friday. I called to have the furnace cleaned and checked out. It seemed like it was running alot but wanted to have someone take a look at it. They came out on Friday. He opened it up and started it up. Took one time for it to turn on and he could tell that the induction motor was bad. That was the train like sound that it was making. I was lucky that these guys were authorized to do warranty work for me and called the company up. 15 minutes later I had them authorized to replace the motor and a limit switch. It cost me a $60 deductible. The bill would have been $583. Good deal on my part.

The dogs are getting used to the place. Rufus, I think really misses soon-to-be-ex-hubby. He has kinda moped around here and has been really clingy the last couple of days. Not like him at all. All three dogs seem like their digestive systems are messed up a bit. Everyone has had the runs and made messes in the house. Thank goodness for carpet cleaners.

My boss is coming into town tomorrow. We are to get our reviews. Should be interesting. I know that I got a 5.8% raise and a smaller bonus than last year. I have a post that I started several weeks ago about how she threw us under the bus on a project. I should go back and clean it up and post it. I have said this before.... she is a nice person and treats us fairly well but is not a very good manager. Oh well.... at least I will get a few good meals outta it.


Would you rather....

As a man, find out that your fly was open all day


that your shirt tail was out, you missed a belt loop, and your pants leg was stuck inside the top of your sock?

Have to go with the open fly. Hey who knows what kinda good stuff you may be able to see?!?!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Getting Settled

The last couple of days have been hectic and tiring.

On Thursday, hubby moved out of our house. All went well and the weather held out and snowed later in the day after the movers were done and gone.

Friday, dawned sunny and cold. We closed on our old house. It is just a 23 year old kid who bought it. Mom and dad are forking over quite a bit of cash to him. Must be nice to be 23 and own a 225,000 home. oh well.... We ended up waiting about an hour for the funds to be disbursed so that I could take the money and go and close on my new house. Meanwhile, mom is at the old house supervising the movers. Dad is at the new house ripping up the carpet in master bedroom. The floors underneath are red oak and look ok. They need some cleaning and all but for the most part are ok.

The movers I think were really wondering how I was going to fit all this stuff into this little house. I know I am.

By the end of the day I was tired and cranky. At one point I had 25 boxes in the kitchen and no idea where to put the shit. Most of it went down in the basement for now. I will go thru it little by little and get it sorted out.

Today, A and K came over to help me unpack some stuff and organize. The jury is still out on how to arrange the furniture in the living room. With one wall having two windows and the other wall broken up by a closet it make my options limited. A and K did a good job of helping me stay on track and finding new homes for things. I really appreciate your help, guys. THANKS!!!

I finally got my internet and tv hooked up this morning as well. I am lost without internet and tv....Now I have to get my dvr all set up and I am ready to go..

It is really nice to be in a place that is all my own. I look forward to my new life.

My ass is dead tired and I am heading off to bed in a few minutes. I will try to get some pictures posted in the next few days. Just have to remember which bucket my camera is in.

Have a good weekend all... Talk to ya later.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

The weather in Wisconsin has been crazy this year. We get snow, then cold, then it warms up and we get rain and the snow melts, then it gets cold again and then it snows... or it just freakin' keeps snowing. I am getting tired of shoveling almost every day. Luckily, it was warm enough out earlier today to melt some of the driveway off. I was able to get the end of it cleaned up so it is not a skating rink. Then we got another 1-2 inches that had to be shoveled off tonight so that I did not have to shovel when it was 0 out tomorrow. It was light enough that it only took like 15 minutes.

I drove by my new house today and seen that roof is not finished and the driveway is a mess. The old shingles and crap is now buried under a foot of snow. The people who are doing the snow removal, could only do a path to the front door and back to the garage. All I can say is that it had better be cleaned up by Friday when I move. I am not shoveling or snow blowing that so I can move in. I'm pissed that the roofer did not have a dumpster (like his quote said) to get rid of the mess. At least then it would be contained.

Packing is going well. All I have left is really food, some dishes that I am still using, clothes and a few knick knacks. We made another run to the dump to get rid of more stuff. The fire pit had a rust hole in the bottom of it so that went.

I had an old love seat that I gave to my sister. Hubby and I take it over there this morning and when we get there, her landlord is there. My guess is that he was kicking her out. When we walked in the place it was a disaster. It turned my stomach. Food and crap like a dirty diapers on the floor. There were like 7 razor blades laying in the living room alone. Thanks goodness, the youngest two kids have no idea that the razors are used for her crack habit. Now I know why my oldest niece lives with my parents. I would be embarrassed as hell to bring anyone over into that house. If I were her landlord, I would have told her that she has three days to get the place clean or get out. She still has her Christmas tree up. She said that until the kids put away the presents that are under it she can't take it down. Not sure why she can't take the clothes and games and put them away. She is the parent. You can't expect a 5 and 6 year old to keep a house up when she can't. Oh well.... someday it will all come crashing down around here. I just hope that the kids don't have to pay the price.


Would you rather....

Eat a newly born baby rodent


a small sack of crawling caterpillars?

They both are really nasty but I have to go with the baby rodent. It is one thing and then you are done.

Stay warm!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Good Guesses

You all had good guesses but all wrong. The answer was...... use a snow blower. We got a bunch of snow on Friday and soon to be ex-hubby wasn't going to be home until late so if I wanted to leave the driveway I had to get the snow off the driveway.

I had to call hubby to tell me how to start it and once I got it started it went well. It was moving a bit fast and did not know that the self propelling feature was controllable. My arms, chest and back were soooo sore the next morning from trying to slow the damn thing down. Oh well... I now know.

We got another blast (ok, more like a dumping) of snow today. I am very lucky that I can work from home if the weather is bad. The drive in would not have been too bad but the drive home would have been miserable. Today was kind of a wasted work day. Had a few meetings and got some packing done. But not a whole lot of real productive work.

I am getting tired of the snow. It seems like it is snowing every few days. Just enough to be a pain in the butt. Does Mother Nature not realize that I am moving in 9 short days and would like to not have to trudge thru snow to do so. I just keep thinking that I only have 4 more days of work and then am off for a week... just wish it was some place nice and warm.

Co-worker, L, just came back from a cruise. He is all nice and tan. He and his partner went on a gay cruise. I love hearing the stories. They guys are crazy. And the pictures.... all I can say is that is is a good thing that the boat has a photo shop on board. Not sure if some of the pics would have not been printed at a regular place.

Well, not much else to say for now.


Would you rather....

Clip a homeless stranger's disgusting toenails


clip your own toenails and eat the clippings?

Both options turn my tummy but would have to go with doing my own. At least I know where my funk came from.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Trying Something New

What did I do today that I have never done before??

A beer to the first person who guesses correctly.

Hint.... I will probably do it again in the future although hopefully not often....