Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Long Post... not much to say

The long weekend is over and summer has unofficially ended. Where did the time go?? It seems like it was jut last week that we were looking forward to the first camping trip of the season and now it is almost time for the last one of the season.

Hubby and I did not do much this weekend. He got his bike back late last week (it is all better now and he has learned not to mess with it if he doesn't know what he is doing.) We did a bit of riding. My legs are tired. I'm glad that I took today off.

Today is Boomer's second day without the dog sitters coming over. He did really good. No messes in his crate. I was so proud of him! Let's hope that he can keep it up.

On Sunday, hubby and I went to the grocery store. Pick-n-Save is the local joint. We are wandering around and hubby notices a guy who is about 45-50 ish. Normal looking (meaning he did not appear to be mentally challenged). As I turn around to look at him, I almost scream with laughter. The guy is wearing tan shorts. They are a bit tooo short as his dark blue boxers are sticking out of the legs by about 3-4 inches. They are also hiked up in the middle. Oh Boy!! What a sight. Did he not notice that when he put them on?? Was there no one at home to tell him?? Guys, weigh in on this... do you look in a mirror before you leave the house to make sure nothing is hanging out?? I know I do. All I can say is that I am glad it was his underwear and not his package.

On Monday, I put our old hybrid bikes out on Wheel & Sprocket's free classified site. In less than one day, I had 4 emails about them. I was shocked. The guy is coming out on Friday to pick them up. I had kinda put them up on a whim to see if we got any takers on them. We probably would not use those bikes again and figured why not get them out of the basement and make a spot of extra cash. When hubby brought them up from the basement for me on Monday, so I could take some pictures, I could not believe how big and bulky they were. My road bike (the pink streak) weighs like 14 lbs (Riley weighs 13 lbs). My old bike had to be double that. ugghhh... no wonder is was so hard getting up that hill for the beer ride last year.

Speaking of which, if anyone is interested... come join us for the beer ride. Here is more info.... You can come out for the food, music and beer if you don't want to ride. We are riding with P & K and K's sister. Hubby and I will only do the 25 mile ride. I need to save my body for the drinking that will follow. Gotta love the one called Spank Me Baby! Barley Wine Ale

I am trying to figure out why gas has dropped like .50 in the last month. It seems like every day, I come home from work and drive by the bevy of gas stations to find that it has dropped another 3-4 cents. Today is was down to 2.68 in Brookfield. I figured it out and so far this year we have spent over 3800 in gas. How crazy is that??


Would you rather....

Call an important client by the wrong name


blank on your fiance's parents' names when you introduce them to your parents?

Have to go with the parents. They should remember how stressful it could be, have the 'rents meeting for the first time. I was lucky that my folks and hubby's folks got along. They would go play bingo and stuff together.

Have a good week all!

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WhisKeYGyrL said...

I'll go with the parents. Being a business owner it is easier to resolve the mistakes with the family. Ahemmm right auntie aleta!! "Who's Brian??" comes to mind... LOL BTW, my hubby spends more time in the mirror then I am allowed.